Self-Driving Rides in Arlington Texas from

The City of Arlington, Texas is offering one-year self-driving program for Arlington residents, visitors, and anyone who’s interested in taking a ride in one of’s self-driving vehicles.

At first, each van will include a safety operator. People can request a ride in one of the two the vans that hold three passengers. is dedicated to partnering with cities and transit authorities to safely deploy self-driving technologies in a scalable, measured way. launched a shuttle service in Frisco. The company when it deploys in a town works with its partners to engage with members of the community ensuring they are educated about it and comfortable with the self-driving program.

The vehicles will are highly-visible orange, and they l feature four external screens that communicate the vehicles’ intended actions to pedestrians and other drivers on the roads.

The vehicles can only travel 35mph and will be available only on a small route.

In a medium post announced

“We’re officially “open for business,” — now with two publicly-available self-driving services in U.S. cities — and we will continue to look for ways to solve the real-world transportation challenges facing communities today.”

“This program with Arlington is yet another step forward for public self-driving programs, and it demonstrates how self-driving technology is reshaping the way we all think about and experience transportation. We believe that self-driving cars can and will make a difference by improving the lives of those who use them and those who share the roads with them.”