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New Breathalyzer Device Detects THC in Breath

With many states legalizing marijuana, law enforcement needs tools to test its use. Hound Labs claims its marijuana breathalyzer can detect minute trace THC molecules in breath that make marijuana uses too high to drive. Its device can detect if user has smoked pot in the last two hours.

Hound Labs’ CEO, Dr. Mike Lynn is trauma doctor in Oakland, Calif. and an active SWAT team deputy reserve sheriff for Alameda County, Calif.

In breath, THC is a billion times less concentrated than alcohol.

During clinical trials, scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) clinical toxicology lab confirmed that the Hound marijuana breathalyzer at times exceeded the sensitivity typically measured by the mass spectrometers in their laboratory. To validate the extreme sensitivity of the Hound marijuana breathalyzer, the UCSF research team developed a new protocol to study baseline THC levels with sub-picogram sensitivity. UCSF researcher Y. Ruben Luo, PhD, presented the protocol at the Mass Spectrometry: Applications to the Clinical Lab 2018 conference

The breathalyzer uses one-of-a-kind technology to measure recent marijuana use that correlates with the peak window of impairment identified by global researchers.

Features include
Smoked & Edible Marijuana

  • Measures recent use regardless of how marijuana was consumed.
  • Measures two of the most commonly combined substances — marijuana & alcohol.
  • Captures two samples — one for immediate results and one for future analysis.