Torc’s Asimov Self-Driving Cars Encounter People Differently

Torc in a recent article reported that that its self-driving car Asimov, is designed to treat people differently than cars, because they move differently. Torc’s number one priority has always been safety. While navigating traffic, the safest decision may require assertive driving. However, we always take a cautious approach toward pedestrians.

Torc released a video showing real situations that it self-driving car encountered with people on public roads. The  Torc car stop sfor a person stepping off a crowded sidewalk into the street right in front of us. Then the car  shifts over to provide space for a person walking in the bicycle lane.

The Torc self-driving car predicts pedestrian movement to safely yield at crosswalks, stopping to allow people to cross before they even enter, or cautiously passing by if it is determined that the person plans to wait to cross.

Torc claims it uses the robust sensor suite and machine learning to detect and classify people as different entities than other objects, allowing the system to better understand how to safely behave around them.

The article ends stating, “We believe that self-driving cars will increase the safety of everyone in and outside the car. This is how we share the road.”