Bluetooth Market for Cars Grows for Infotainment, Hands-Free, Audi Streaming & Remote Functions

According to a new report Bluetooth is the leading technology behind in-car infotainment systems that enable hands-free calling and audio streaming, and is now powering emerging use cases for keyless entry, in-vehicle wearables, and connected maintenance.

Bluetooth in-car infotainment systems pair with driver smart phones to enable hands-free audio streaming, calling, and application control. Bluetooth does more than enhance the in-car experience. It allows drivers to keep their focus on what matters most, the road.

Bluetooth in Cars Stats & Facts

Bluetooth is now standard equipment in most new cars. In 2018, 86% of all new vehicles will include Bluetooth connectivity.In-car infotainment systems will account for 85% of Bluetooth automotive device shipments in 2018.

Even wearables are becoming part of the automotive market. Bluetooth is powering in-vehicle wearables that monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and activity levels, triggering driver alerts when detecting signs of sleep or fatigue.In-vehicle wearables will show strong growth in volume over the forecast period.

Smartphones are becoming the new key fob and more. The key fob migrating into the smartphone will enable a wider variety of convenience features, including proximity detection for automatic locking and unlocking, custom seat positioning, and the transfer of virtual keys to additional drivers.

Bluetooth is being adopted for under-the-hood solutions. Bluetooth wireless sensor systems simplify maintenance in both commercial fleets and consumer vehicles by transferring diagnostic information and alerts to service management solutions. The volume of under-the-hood devices shipped each year is forecasted to grow 4.5x by 2022.

As standards for fuel efficiency increase, so too does the need to replace wired systems with wireless solutions, lowering manufacturing costs and reducing the weight of the vehicle to improve fuel economy. Bluetooth technology connects wireless sensor systems and transfers diagnostic information and alerts in real-time to simplify maintenance in both commercial fleets and consumer vehicles.

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