Panasonic to Support Android 9.0 Infotainment Systems IVI

Panasonic Automotive announced a production intent Skip Generation (Skip Gen) IVI platform integrated with Android version 9.0 to technology innovators at the annual Google IO conference. First debuted at CES 2016, Panasonic and Google are on a rapid joint development path to create auto-grade intent infotainment capabilities drawing upon specialized expertise from both companies. At only 30 month since first intro, four versions of the Android™ OS have been successfully integrated into a Panasonic reference infotainment system. Now, 5 months post CES 2017, where industry was first exposed to Android version 8.1, Panasonic will again debut Android™ version 9.0 to demonstrate IVI capability at an expected pace of change seen typically only in the consumer space.

Panasonic is a global leader in automotive in-vehicle (IVI) infotainment innovation and is a main hardware reference infotainment experience platform and next generation in-vehicle experience for Google. Committed to the needs of the end consumer, Panasonic is no stranger to Android™ and has over 147 successfully integrated Android™ consumer related devices.  Shifting sights to auto mobility technology was clearly the next natural evolution for both Panasonic and Google. These advanced integration features demonstrated at the conference include faster integration HMI response times, more vehicle system integration, with the ability to add a digital cluster supportive of Google Automotive Services™ (GAS), continued integrative support for the Hey Google™ voice assistant and Google Maps™ which all run natively on Android™ powered Skip Generation (Skip Gen) IVI.

“Infusing the technology into our Skip Gen IVI quickly was a primary goal foundationally driven by our commitment to end consumers’ expectations of speed,” said Andrew Poliak, vice president of partner strategy & innovation at Panasonic Automotive.  “Enabling instant access to OEM or Google services from the IVI provides the opportunity to introduce these new services faster and allow that end consumer to seamlessly travel their desired features from home to auto to air and back.”

Android version 9.0 was showcased on a Panasonic reference in-vehicle infotainment systems at the Google IO conference on a full-size pickup truck.