Mobiliti White-Label Mobility Subscription Service for Dealers

Mobiliti, a new Detroit-based vehicle subscription service, is partnering with dealers to help them compete in the changing ownership landscape. Through Mobiliti’s dealer partners, consumers will have simple, flexible and cost- effective month-to-month access to a wide variety of vehicle makes and models.

 For a monthly fee, starting at $549, customers receive all “ownership” necessities including insurance, maintenance, warranty coverage and roadside assistance, with the flexibility to change vehicles once per month based on personal want or need. There is no initiation fee, down payment or long-term commitment.

Using the Mobiliti app, customers will be able to view available vehicles at local dealerships and select the vehicle to fit their needs. Each vehicle will be uniquely priced based on make, model and mileage options. All Mobiliti vehicles and drivers will be insured by AIG’s subsidiary, Blackboard, through a comprehensive auto program.

“As a car enthusiast, I struggle with committing to a three-year lease or five-year car payment, especially with the rapidly changing technology in vehicles,” said Chance Richie, co-founder of Mobiliti. “We’ve been monitoring the car subscription industry closely and studying the various models. Most subscription services threaten dealer-driver relationships, bypass the franchised dealer network, and limit consumer choice to one brand. Mobiliti will introduce subscribers to a variety of makes and models, while increasing dealership traffic.”

Mobiliti will help dealers generate new business by providing customers with an alternative to leasing or buying. Utilizing existing floorplan inventory, customers have the option of as little as a 30-day subscription if they are not ready to commit to vehicle ownership.

“We are essentially giving drivers a 30-day test drive to ‘live’ with a vehicle before they commit,” Richie added.

Mobiliti is the first subscription service to work with Ally Financial. Ally may provide fleet financing credit facilities to qualified Mobiliti dealership partners.

Once a vehicle comes off subscription, the dealer can list the vehicle for retail sale while awaiting a new subscriber, or have Mobiliti remarket it for the dealer using Mobiliti’s direct connection to Ally’s SmartAuction platform. The seamless process can save dealers time and money.

“Mobiliti offers consumers flexibility and choice in vehicles, while also helping dealers maximize their inventory and reach customers who want a different car driving experience,” said Tim Russi, president of auto finance for Ally. “We’re excited to work with Mobiliti to help lead the way as car ownership evolves to meet changing demands in the market.”

For consumers who may want to buy or lease the vehicle at the end of the subscription period, Ally and Mobiliti are exploring opportunities to integrate Mobiliti with financing opportunities available through Ally’s Clearlane platform.

Ally launched Clearlane, a digital financing platform, in April 2017 to digitally connect consumers with finance providers who can provide vehicle financing quickly and easily.

Mobiliti plans to launch in Austin, Texas in May, and is scaled to support rapid expansion across major U.S. markets this year.


Mobiliti is the first vehicle subscription service to partner with a variety of dealers to provide consumers with simple, flexible, cost-effective month-to-month access to a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. One monthly fee includes insurance, maintenance, warranty and roadside assistance. For more information, visit