Bunny Hops to Nissan for Inspiration Hoppy-Ness

Automotive design is a secretive world rightfully obsessed with keeping the prying eyes of the competition out. However, a peek inside Nissan Design America in San Diego proves inspiration comes from anywhere, even a bunny.

“Bunz” is a four-year-old dwarf Lionhead bunny visiting Nissan’s design studio with her owner, Color and Trim Designer Jacqueline Reeve. Bunz is symbolic of the open-minded culture designers require.

“Designing cars is a serious and competitive business,” said Taro Ueda, vice president, Nissan Design America. “Designers thrive in unique, fast-paced and creatively demanding environments, but it’s important to have an open mind and outside inspiration, even if sparked by a bunny visiting the office,” Ueda added.

Reeve brought Bunz to the office in a custom carrier made partly out of recycled fabric samples.

Nissan Design America is home to more than 60 employees, just part of 22,000 Nissan team members employed at locations throughout the U.S., including eight regional offices and major locations in Arizona, California, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.


Bunz is nicknamed the “Ambassador of Happiness” (or “Hoppy-ness”) by owner Jacqueline Reeve, a color and trim designer at Nissan Design America in San Diego.

The design studio welcomed the bunny’s visit, “hopping” it would bring creative disruption to the fast-paced and demanding environment, perfectly timed with the Easter season.

Nissan Design America, located in San Diego, was founded in 1979 as Nissan’s first overseas design center and provides creative contributions to Nissan’s global design operation in the areas of the interior, exterior, color and material design