G+D Mobile Security eSIM Management Makes Telephony & eCalls Better

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, G+D Mobile Security presented an eSIM management enabled solution that will allows car owners to download their private mobile subscription to a second SIM which is soldered into the car’s telematics box. This new approach uses G+D’s eSIM management technology and will significantly ease the use of telephony and infotainment services in cars thanks to improved RF radio and service quality.

 oday, cars become part of the digital ecosystems and seamlessly  connect to tablets, smartphones or smart watches. More and more digital services are offered to fulfill the needs of customers’ personal mobility requirements and designed to integrate seamlessly into their digital lives. M2M-SIM cards are already a common feature in most modern, connected cars and will become a must-have in all new cars as of April 2018 due to the European eCall initiative. However, access and usage of this integrated M2M-SIM card is limited to eCall and other telematic services provided by the car maker.

The new solution developed by G+D Mobile Security in co-operation with BMW, Intel, Deutsche Telekom and AT&T will allow car users to use their existing mobile phone data plans and to access information services by using the car as the mobile device. Phone calls  can be received / placed via the in-car infotainment system  under their usual number. After an initial eSIM-based registration process with the mobile network operator (MNO), the car owner can use his or her own data plan with all its related data and services in the car.

The provisioning of the consumer SIM card and the car user’s mobile subscription to the car is achieved via G+D’s eSIM management solution AirOn which supports both M2M and consumer applications.

The AirOn eSIM management enables the download of eSIM profiles Over-the-Air. Based on this the user benefits from highest flexibility and can connect its eSIM devices to the network at any time and from anywhere. AirON Version 4.2 is compatible to the GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) Phase 2 specification and supports both M2M and consumer applications. The consumer AirOn eSIM management enables new application opportunities for MNOs, car manufacturers, car OEMs and end users. Several devices can be connected with the network in an easy and fast way, while highest security and scalability is provided by the user-friendly service platform.

G+D Mobile Security manages and secures billions of digital identities throughout their entire life cycle.