OBD-II Connected Car Bouncie for Teens/Families Joins Zubie & Automatic

Bouncie, a developer products and applications for the automotive industry, announced the launch of a connected vehicle device that provides drivers with access to valuable data from their automobile and helps them become safer drivers in the process. The device costs $67, individual service is $8 a month or family service is $20 a month without a contract.

Bouncie plugs into the power of a connected car to allow drivers and parents to view helpful information such as trip histories, driving habits, vehicle location, and maintenance reminders.

The Bouncie smart-device plugs into the On-Board Diagnostics port (OBD) of a vehicle, through which the smartphone app provides a clean, simple way to view the information it retrieves. Drivers and families can access useful information and features such as:

  • Driving Data – Bouncie delivers real-time insights into driving habits. By monitoring key elements such as hard braking events, rapid acceleration, average speed and trip history, parents can guide their teenager to becoming a safer and more reliable driver.
  • Vehicle Location – Drivers can view their vehicle’s location at any time. Plus, Bouncie can help parents create driving zones with Geo-Circles that alert them when family members enter or leave a designated area.
  • Status-driver’s can check fuel level and battery status.
  • Vehicle Health and Diagnostics – Bouncie constantly keeps track of vehicle health. If anything mechanical ever needs attention, drivers will receive an alert on their smartphone, so they can manage the little things before they become big problems.
  • Vehicle information – Bouncie helps manage all the important information about family vehicles in one place and reminds drivers when it’s time to update and renew insurance policies, vehicle registrations, licenses and more.

Bouncie’s smartphone app helps families manage all of the vehicles in their household and gives them access to important safety features such as roadside assistance and maintenance reminders. When family members are connected to their vehicles, they have the peace of mind that they’re connected to each other even when they’re miles apart.

Bouncie is available directly from the company. The smartphone app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.