Scary news about driving at night in time for Halloween

2703858_sylvania_auto_lighting_infographic_finalA new survey released from SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting, found that more than two thirds (70 percent) of drivers are increasingly concerned about driving at night in the U.S.

  • Difficulty seeing hazards and other drivers (28 percent)
  • Discomfort with other vehicles’ headlights and brake lights (26 percent)
  • Decreased trust in other drivers‘ abilities at night (25 percent)

“Do you want to see better when driving at night? Most people answer yes but do not know there are choices and don’t act on it if they do know,” said Brian Noble, marketing manager at SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting. “Headlights are an active safety item and the first line of defense on a vehicle, especially during evening hours, when roads are dark and dangerous. If drivers cannot see objects on the road, they cannot react. Every second counts and can make all the difference. If you can see an object sooner, you can make a better decision.”

When it comes to headlight maintenance, the survey found that more than one third (34 percent) of drivers have never changed out their headlights. As a comparison, these motorists have replaced their vehicle’s oil (95 percent) and windshield wipers (87 percent), proving that headlights are an overlooked component during vehicle maintenance. Making matters worse, 63 percent of respondents admitted they would only plan to replace one burned out headlight instead of both at the same time, a common mistake among drivers on the road today.

Noble advises: “Be sure to always swap headlights out in pairs, they are on the same amount of time, and don’t wait until burn out for a replacement. Headlights dim over time, so if you can’t remember the last time they were changed, now is probably a good time to consider a replacement. This in turn will help drivers feel safer and more confident when driving at night.”

The majority (83 percent) of drivers agree that better down road performing headlights are definitely connected to increased vehicle safety, and 63 percent admit changing out their headlights is a very important precautionary measure. Additionally, just under half (47 percent) of drivers would be likely to change to better headlights if they knew it would improve the safety of loved ones and other passengers, yet noticeably more would do the same for their brakes (61 percent) or tires (55 percent).

For premium safety during nighttime driving, the SYLVANIA SilverStar® family of automotive lighting includes a variety of high performance headlights to suit individual needs and driving styles. SYLVANIA SilverStar ULTRA is the farthest downroad headlight in the company’s product suite. It is also designed with a whiter light which improves contrast of items on or near the road. Together, these features enable motorists to see farther down the road, with increased side road and peripheral visibility.


KRC Research conducted this research via an online survey of 1,017 Americans (reporting on 936 licensed drivers) from June 20-22, 2016.