Parking is less painful with FordPass app

Fordparkingjpgou don’t have to be a Ford owner to pass as one or get the perks of a Ford app. FordPass now offers users the ability to find, book and pay for parking at garages in more than 160 cities in the United States. Paying for parking is available through secure FordPay, which allows users to safely store credit and debit cards for quick FordPass transactions.

Finnding parking is such a pain that they’re ditching driving to avoid the hassle. But with FordPass, drivers can eliminate that anxiety – and avoid a showdown over parking – before they even get into their car.

FordPass users can locate, book and pay for garage parking in more than 160 cities across the United States – all without ever leaving FordPass – saving time and avoiding the hassle of hunting for a place to park.

“Finding and paying for parking is one of the biggest pain points for drivers,” says Elena Ford, Ford Motor Company vice president, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience. “This new feature is just one of many ways we are delivering better, smarter, more efficient mobility solutions for consumers with FordPass.”

With park and pay now available on the FordPass platform, members can access these new features by downloading the latest FordPass update on their smartphone.

Simply by entering their destination into FordPass, drivers can view all available supported parking areas nearby, see how much parking there costs, set up their wallet in FordPay, then opt to pay for parking in advance.

Parking availability is updated in real-time, so drivers always have up-to-date information throughout their trip. FordPass even allows users to bookmark their favorite parking for repeat use in the future, making once-frustrating trips potentially more convenient than ever.

Ford has integrated these features into its FordPass platform not just because trying to find parking in a crowded area is annoying, but it wastes precious time.

A recent Harris Poll revealsecommuters going to work or school report spending an average of 14 minutes looking for parking. Those out running errands don’t fare much better, reporting 12 minutes trying to park. For someone searching for parking just once a day in a typical five-day work week, it adds up – at least one hour a week is wasted driving around in circles.

This daily grind has 34 percent of respondents saying they use other modes of transportation rather than driving – buses, subways and taxis. In fact, respondents say the No. 1 advantage of ride-hailing services is not saving time or money, but eliminating the worry involved with searching for parking.

FordPass is a free digital, physical and personal platform designed not only to alleviate anxiety over parking, but to offer mobility solutions for everyone – car owners and non-car owners alike.