Embedded Chips & Connected Car News: ZTE, Lynx, BlackBerry, Movimento, LexisNexis, STMicroelectronics & Luxoft


During the week and Mobile World Congress there were quite a few embedded chip and connected car news tips from ZTE, Lynx, BlackBerry, Movimento, LexisNexis, STMicroelectronics and Luxoft.


Mobile World Congress 2016, ZTE Corporation signed a strategic agreement to jointly expand IOT market with TeliaSonera, the largest carrier in Nordic countries. The two parties will cooperate on IOT areas, beginning with telematics. ZTEWelink, a subsidiary of ZTE, is dedicated to the development of wireless communication modules, telematics terminals and solutions, will undertake a major part of the telematics R&D process. ZTEWelink Technology also announced it will provide UBI hardware to Octo Telematics.

Lynx Secures Connected Cars

Lynx Software Technologies unveiled the LynxSecure 5.3 Separation Kernel Hypervisor at Embedded World, Nuremberg, and announced a powerful new capability that extends the principle of domain separation to the network connection. At the same time, in partnership with Webroot, they revealed real time cloud-based threat detection for guest operating systems hosted by LynxSecure. LynxSecure 5.3 is a DoD certified secure virtualization solution based on separation kernel technology.

LynxSecure 5.3 is the enabling platform for LSA.connect, a secure network encryption component built using LynxSecure bare metal applications (LSAs). In its simplest configuration, LSA.Connect can be used to encrypt network traffic without exposing a large attack surface to malicious agents by housing the network encryption algorithms in their own secure domain, away from both the operating system connected to the internet and the encryption keys themselves.

BlackBerry Cybersecurity for Automotive Too

BlackBerry announced the launch of its new Professional Cybersecurity Services practice that will further expand BlackBerry’s security portfolio by offering organizations new consulting services, tools and best practices to assess and thwart ever-changing cybersecurity risks.

As part of the new Professional Cybersecurity Services practice – and aligned with BlackBerry’s core emphasis on securing mobile communications across all platforms – BlackBerry acquired UK-based Encription Limited, which brings years of cybersecurity consulting experience to the organization. The acquisition of Encription was completed on February 19, 2016. Specific terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

BlackBerry’s new global Professional Cybersecurity Services practice will address:

  • Strategic Security: best practices in IT operation ranging across enterprise mobility management and cloud services.
  • Technical Security: technical assistance for infrastructure and product development lifecycle.
  • Automotive and IoT Security: security consulting services as the rapid commercialization of IoT solutions makes security and privacy a top priority.
  • Detection, Testing and Analysis: threat detection and mitigation penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and incident response analysis. This includes forensic services, business security status via IT health checks, training, regulatory compliance and security breach management through incident response.


Movimento, and Aricent are unveiled a reference design for an intelligent automotive gateway, that will have a closed-loop OTA analytics solution to continuously update and improve vehicle performance and services. The sensors on today’s automobiles generate enormous amounts of data but until today, virtually all of it has gone uncollected and unanalyzed. That situation has now changed with the introduction of the industry’s first reference design for an on-board gateway and cloud-based service that will intelligently bring data to the cloud and turn that data into easy to understand, insightful business intelligence.

The in-vehicle communications gateway relies upon Movimento’s smart data agent to selectively gather, aggregate and filter data and then send to the cloud for detailed analysis and action.

LexisNexis Attract for Telematics

LexisNexis Risk Solutions announced  a new LexisNexis Attract for Telematics model – the first U.S. insurance model to apply geospatial context to driving events to better understand how drivers respond in different situations. Attract for Telematics is also specifically designed to provide predictive lift, in addition to and independent of existing rating plans, and to enhance segmentation through the entire spectrum of risks, not just at the high-risk or low-risk tails. The model is now available in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

New 77GHZ Rada from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics supplier world’s largest supplier of short- and mid-range (24GHz) radar chips for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), is now supplying its latest long-range (77GHz) radar chips to leading automotive customers.

24GHz systems have spearheaded the introduction of on-board automotive radar by enabling affordable, short- and mid-range smart-driving features such as blind-spot detection, collision avoidance, and lane-departure warning. ST has delivered over 35 million 24GHz radar transceiver ICs to date, and continues to build its customer base as more and more markets demand vehicles enhanced with ADAS.

ST showcased its portfolio of solutions for Smart Driving, including products for advanced safety systems (ADAS), car connectivity, and security at Mobile World Congress. It’s new secure microcontrollers to protect the various systems in the car as they become more connected and accessible to intrusion. These secure MCUs complement ST’s existing automotive-grade MCUs.

Luxoft Buys Symtavision

Luxoft Holding, announced that it has acquired Symtavision GmbH, a provider of automotive software tools and consulting services focused on scheduling analysis, architecture optimization, and timing verification. These tools and services are for planning, optimizing, and verifying embedded, real-time systems within all modern automobiles. Symtavision’s tools, building on its proprietary intellectual property, focus on Under the Hood (UTH) technology around increasingly important software integration and timing analysis in the chassis, powertrain, body, and driver assistance domains as well as in-vehicle networking.