Vinli connects cars to home, cloud and Carport dashes

vinli-home-prss-release-02Vinli, Inc., a connected car platform with OBD port device with apps (and nominee for the Tech CARS Awards) announced Vinli Home Connect that brings compatible connected home platforms together into one interface with the connected car. The home devices know when the Vinli-connected car is close to turn-on the lights, A/C, heat, music or coffee pot. The company also makes the cloud-based smart dashboard Vinli Carport.

When the Vinli onboard device and platform is used with connected home products from companies including Icontrol Networks, Nest, and Samsung’s SmartThings, the new Vinli Home Connect app integrates automation control into a single interface. Temperature, lighting, security, and more can all be managed or monitored using one app, across platforms and manufacturers.

The car-home connection enables home automation settings that can be based not only on the presence of the user in the home, or on the clock, but on where the user’s car is located. All of this is powered by Vinli’s always on 4G / LTE-powered connected car.

With Home Connect, actions are prompted when a vehicle in your family network crosses a specified boundary, such as your driveway or subdivision. For example, if your teenager is the last to leave the house, the back door locks, the lights turn off, the temperature adjusts, and the security system is armed. And you’re instantly notified at the office on your mobile phone.

When you get close to home, the house begins to wake up: the temperature adjusts, the lights turn on, and the shades open. Your home system doesn’t wait for you to get home, or simply react to the clock. It prepares for your arrival and acts accordingly, whether you get home at the usual time or you’re running late.

As an advanced connected car device and cloud platform, Vinli brings 4G LTE / WiFi to virtually any car on the road today, along with a universal market of apps delivering smart capabilities previously only seen in newer cars.

To stay ahead of the explosive growth in consumer interest in smart technologies, Vinli is also moving deeper into the design and manufacturing of new vehicles. Vinli Carport, announced at the 2015 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, was developed to give automotive manufacturers and OEM suppliers the world’s first cloud-based smart dashboard, ready to add to any new car before it leaves the factory. As an open platform, only Carport can connect drivers to all aspects of their digital lives with real-time information about their cars, their loved ones, and with Vinli Home Connect their homes.

Uber and Vinli are teaming up to offer free, unlimited in-car WiFi to Uber passengers during the week of CES. With 4GLTE Wi-Fi powered by Vinli’s onboard connected-car device, you can now make your time in the car productive, whether you’re driving forty minutes to the airport or down the street to an event. You’ll stay connected on the road with Uber and Vinli.

Vinli will not have a booth at CES but will taking journalists on rides around town.