Connected Car Expo: Remote tech from GENIVI & Remoto + Off-Road GPS from Magellan

The Connected Car Expo at the LA Auto Show will be a showcase for the latest ground-breaking technology for remotely controlling cars and navigating off road. The GENVI Alliance, brigtht box and Magellan are showing their latest technology and software.

GENIVI Allies for Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI)

The GENIVI Alliance, will showcase its latest Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) open source software technology at the Connected Car Expo (CCE) at the LA Auto Show this week.

RVI has been in development for 18 months. It is among the first automotive connectivity software that is freely downloadable for anyone interested in assisting major automotive manufacturers to quickly develop the next generation of connected features.

Sponsored by Intel, thJaguarSJe Alliance will showcase at CCE a Jaguar F-Type convertible fitted with a specially-made RVI connected car demo that includes remote data logging, secure software over-the-air (SOTA) updating, and smartphone app control of certain in-car features such as climate control.

A new 2016 Jaguar XJ will be on display featuring the latest Linux-based infotainment system to launch in the market. The system is based on the work of GENIVI and the open source community.  Currently, there are vehicles in production containing 25 GENIVI solutions with 17 additio nal planned in the next two years.

Remoto Platform for Remote Vehicle Functions for Dealers & Drivers

remotoecobright box LLC, will present its turnkey connected car platform “Remoto” as well as the customer app solution “Dealer Mobility” at the LA Auto Show 2015.

Remoto comes equipped with all necessary components: a certified telematic control unit (TCU) for vehicle installation, a web-based control panel allowing the manufacturer to monitor vehicle status and vehicle information, and a customer app allowing the owner to track the vehicle and control it remotely.

bright box will demo all functions of the connected car platform live. Remoto is a goldmine of data for car manufacturers. The bright box stand will also feature “Dealer Mobility”, a customer app solution especially for car dealers that can be personalized and rolled out within a few days.
Remoto provides big data for predictive analytics

Remoto allows drivers to remotely lock or unlock their vehicles, control cooling and even instantly message the owner if the car is involved in a collision. It also helps owners locate their cars.

Magellan Helps Explorers Who Go Off-Road

magellanMagellan will be showcasing its Off-Road Vehicle and SmartGPS Eco connected car navigation solutions. Designed for the off-roading enthusiast, Magellan’s Off-Road Vehicle navigation solutions deliver detailed 3D maps, over 44,000 vehicle trails and community generated trails.

The OHV navigation solutions allow users to plan, track and save trail rides.  Magellan’s OHV web portal lets users add pictures and comments to their trail rides, and share them with friends, family, or the larger off-road and outdoor communities.  The detailed off-road maps feature: high-resolution 3D and 2D terrain and contour elevation lines; National and State Parks and Recreational Vehicle Areas; National and State service roads and trails; food, gas, lodging, and general service POIs; and more.

The SmartGPS Eco incorporates automotive quality navigation and routing, content services, iOS and Android smartphone apps, and connected car platforms. Magellan’s SmartGPS navigation solutions for connected car include event-driven delivery of location relevant content such as traffic, weather, Red Light and Speed Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT, fuel prices, and Yelp reviews for local businesses.