Augmented Realty app shows Hyundai owners how to pair Bluetooth, check oil and more

Hyundai Augmented Reality
Hyundai Augmented Reality

At the Connected Car Expo Hyundai will show its augmented reality owner’s manual app. Users guide their tablet or smartphone’s camera over the area of the car they want to learn about then are taught how to use the feature with videos, 3D overlays and written guidance.

When a tablet or smartphone camera camera is over the engine, it shows that different parts of the engine. Therefore there is no confusion where to check the oil. It will even show where to the put the window washer fluild. When the camera faces the instrument cluster, the user can tap on the warning light to see what the light means as well as the what the other lights or symbols indicate.

Hyundai use  consumer survey results to determine the top difficult-to-use features to feature int  the Virtual Guide.

The Hyundai Virtual Guide shows the user information about the such things as the Bluetooth paring, warning lights, oil, brake fluid, air filter, cruise control, fuses and the Smart trunk.

In 2010, Hyundai launched the Equus Owner’s Manual App for iPadiPhone and iPod Touch. In 2014, the company released the  Hyundai Assurance Car Care mobile and in-vehicle app that put the owner’s manual right inside the vehicle’s touchscreen, inside the car.

At launch, the Hyundai Virtual Guide is compatible with the 2015 Sonata model, and will soon become available for additional models. The new app recognizes more than 45 major features of the Sonata and is available for free download on the Apple App store and Google Play.

The Hyundai Sonata recently made an appearance on CW’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend.