Synaptics gives cars a start to handle security with fingerprint sensors & payments

car_interiorsynapticsSynaptics, best known for making touchpad technology, announced car tech touch solutions for vehicles. Synaptics can enable a fingerprint sensor on the door handle to identify the owner without a key fob to open the door. When the driver is recognized the car can then adjust the seat, audio, climate control, and lighting to match the user’s preferences (See video below) The steering wheel buttons vibrate to let the driver know that the function has been completed. A touchpad controls the window tint. On the head unit touchscreen, the driver can pay for gas, a burger or car wash…

Synaptics claims that its products such as biometric sensors are ideal for the automotive industry and can be implemented in numerous locations throughout the vehicle.

Natural ID fingerprint sensors offer security and personalization for door handles, steering wheels and starter buttons. Biometric  fingerprint authentication of users allows unlocking of the vehicle, cockpit and mirror adjustments, ignition, entertainment preferences, as well as theft prevention.

Synaptics’ Natural ID fingerprint sensors offer security for access, preferences, and online identity protection with simple, intuitive ease-of-use.

The Natural ID solution delivers fingerprint imagines, separation of the fingerprint element, integration options and online transactions that are FIDO-compliant.

The Natural ID product portfolio is backed by Synaptics’ deep system integration expertise, User Experience design capability, and the reliability and scale to successfully service the fingerprint authentication needs of top tier OEMs and high-volume programs.

Leading automakers in Europe, Japan, and the United States are today in mass production with Synaptics’ display driver integrated circuits (DDIC). These products are found in cluster displays, center information displays (CIDs), and heads-up displays (HUDs) with differentiating and proprietary features such as sunlight readability enhancement (SRE) and local area auto-contrast adjustment (LA ACO).

Synaptics’ AEC-Q100 compliant ClearPad touch controller design will be deployed in the first half of 2016, expanding  presence into China and Taiwan.

Synaptics’ touch controller technology for autos supports touchscreens up to 17 inches with ruggedness features such as weather conditions, multi-finger touch, moisture immunity, thick glove usage, proximity sensors and patented ClearForce technology. Automakers such technology from Synaptics for connected car features.

Haptics help drivers keep their eyes on the road while insuring the driver know that the function has been deployed.