AR Creator software coming from Elektrobit and Continental

husbandKPMGContinental announced that Elektrobit (EB) will build the AR Creator software suite as a platform for the creation of augmented reality solutions for cars. EB will remain a separate company and continue its focus on developing state of the art software for carmakers and tier 1 suppliers.

Continental and EB have had a successful 10-year business relationship, before Continental acquired EB. Among the more recent contributions EB has made to Continental’s  work is the addition of EB street director navigation software and electronic horizon as part of Continental’s Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR-HUD), first announced in 2014.

EB takes over the responsibility for software development for a partial project within AR HUD, the AR Creator (sensor data fusion software and software framework for augmented reality HUDs).

AR Creator consists of a wide range of software features from EB, like, precise lane positioning, environmental modeling and prediction, implementation of modules responsible for functions such as augmentation of navigation data or marking of lanes, user experience, and many more. Based on complex sensor fusion, the

AR Creator augments the scene, when necessary. This will help drivers to intuitively recognize the significance of what they see in front of them.