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Over-the-Air updates coming from Mistsubishi and Movimento

Movimento_CTS_displayMitsubishi Electric announced it is integrating the Movimento Over-the-Air (OTA) platform into its head-unit architecture to offer updates.

The new architecture, FLEXConnect, integrates Movimento OTA that speeds up the delivery of infotainment services. Owners can get continuous updates without visiting the dealer.

The OTA updates will shorten software deployment times, allow for rolling out new features, and instantly issue security patches throughout the vehicle.

The Movimento OTA platform leverages reflash technology used by global OEMs and tier one suppliers to update vehicle software. It includes back-end infrastructure to securely manage all in-vehicle software and an in-vehicle client for collecting diagnostic data, as well as technology to thwart intrusion attempts.

Mitsubishi Electric and Movimento plans to help automakers optimize technology investments by designing and engineering infotainment systems that can keep crucial software-dependent systems up to date, virtually eliminating software recalls and associated warranty costs.

While Mitsubishi Electric and Movimento have collaborated previously, they claim it is an important milestone in building infotainment solutions from the ground up with OTA capabilities.

Movimento introducted the platform in June of this year. Movimento’s advanced OTA platform is the first to make software updates of any car’s electronics possible, from the power train to the infotainment systems, in one go, including automotive architectures and modules from legacy vehicles.  All that is required is the installation of Movimento client software, from which OTA updates on any vehicle ECU are efficiently managed.

Movimento is a pioneer in vehicle lifecycle management through a secure over-the-air (OTA) platform having successfully completed millions of vehicle and module updates for major OEMs and Tier One suppliers worldwide. Industry leaders such as Bosch, Continental, Denso, Ford, GM, Jaguar Land Rover, Panasonic, Shanghai GM, and Volvo depend on Movimento technology and expertise for secure updates throughout the vehicle production lifecycle.

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America offers a wide range of products and services, including passenger entertainment systems, car navigation systems, screens, head units, and amplifiers

A recent survey by Ponemon Institute,  showed that automotive developers don’t have what they need and often overwhelmed when it comes to building security into their software.