AT&T Connects Cars with live college football games in Detroit, Nashville, Houston & Atlanta

connected_car_football_946x432 AT&T recently purchased DirecTV, now TV is going into connected cars—for passengers. AT&T is partnering with Uber to let college football fans watch live games in connected cars on Saturdays.  In October and November, Uber riders in four major metros can watch live college football games in an AT&T Connected Car while en route to their final destination.

AT&T is deploying Connected Cars into the Uber system on select Saturdays in Detroit (10/17), Nashville (10/17), Houston (10/24) and Atlanta (11/14) during the season.

Each Chevy Tahoe will be outfitted with four tablets—located in the back of the headrests in each row—WiFi connectivity for all passengers, two sets of wireless headphones, and built-in phone chargers.

Riders can watch connected_car_football_suv_946x432live college football games through the U-verse app streamed over AT&T’s 4G LTE network. AT&T’s College Football Everywhere lets Uber access it through a custom splash page that will appear in the app of users located within the four markets on respective Saturdays between 10am and 9pm.

For a few fans, they’ll experience College Football Everywhere while riding with an actual gridiron legend. One vehicle in each market will feature a college football legend and be outfitted with GoPro cameras to capture the moment when riders enter the vehicle.

Uber ribers can hail the connected cars through clicking on the customized tab on the Uber app for no additional cost.

Uber announced they are deploying UberRUSH in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco  giving business owners the ability to leverage  on-demand delivery.

AT&T provides Wi-Fi hotspots and data for General Motors, Audi, Ford, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, Mojio, Autonet and more.

AT&T also plans to bring exclusive contact to be streamed to smartphone or tablets in connected cars.