SOSCHE EZTIP makes it easier to connect to car ports

SCOSCHE-EZTIP™-600x295Scoshe, maker of phone accessories unveiled its new line of EZTIP products, at CTIA 2015. In a dark car, you can’t always see to connect the USB cable properly to the smartphone in fact, attempting to connect using the wrong side of a traditional micro USB connector can damage mobile devices. Scocshe claims it will be the first major consumer technology/electronics company to introduce a solution to eliminate that wrong connection problem.

The new EZTIP line of products will allow users to conveniently and easily charge and/or charge and sync all standard micro USB devices, by inserting the connector either side up. The new line of symmetrical connector products will eliminate the hassle of worrying about finding the correct side of the micro USB connector.

Soscheoutput_qDhUjmThe first accessory available in the new line will be the STRIKEDRIVE EZTIP a 12 Watt, 2.4 Amp car charger for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The car charger EZTIP allows users to connect and charge their micro USB port devices in any direction, eliminating the fumbling and potential damage to mobile devices that can occur with traditional micro USB connectors. The charger’s convenient low-profile design fits flush in most vehicles, and its 3 foot coiled cable allows for easy and tangle-free cable management.

The STRIKEDRIVE EZTIP car charger will be available October 2015 from Scosche for $19.99.

Additional EZTIP mobile accessory products including a variety of charge and sync cables will be released throughout the rest of 2015.