Mazda Mobile Start starts for 2016 Mazda6 & Mazda CX-5

mazdamobiestartMazda announced the launch of Mazda Mobile Start, a smartphone remote starting app designed  for select 2016 Mazda models.

Mazda Mobile Start, allows subscribers to control car’s settings through their iPhone or Android smartphone for engine start, door lock/unlock, panic alarms, car locating and climate control.

Mazda Mobile Start (MMS) lets owners  start and stop their engine with a smartphone app for iPhone or Android.  The app enables owners to start their engine and allow it to idle for up to 30 minutes at a time to preheat or cool the car. The app also has a timer to show how long the car has been running and how much longer it will run.

When the Mazda is started from the app, the settings last used on the climate control system and defroster will activate to so that the car will be heated and cooled when ready to go.

The smartphone and vehicle must be in a location where there is adequate cellular coverage for this function to work properly.

Mazda Mobile Start also allows owners to check the door lock status and remotely lock or unlock doors.

Door lock/unlock can be remotely activated by MMS only while the vehicle engine is off.  The engine must be turned off first before door lock/unlock can be operated by MMS.

The panic alarm can be activated for increased security.

Carfinder uses the smartphone camera and GPS to help owners locate their car through its built in map features. This feature is helpful for find Mazda vehicles in large open parking areas.

Accuracy of Carfinder information can be compromised if the GPS signals are blocked by surrounding objects such as tall buildings and roofs. This feature may not show accurate directions inside most parking structures.

Mazda Mobile Start can be bought and installed at local authorized Mazda dealers for select 2016 models with automatic transmissions. Included with the purchase of Mazda Mobile Start (MSRP $500) is a free one-year subscription to the Mazda Mobile Start app, which is available in the iOS App Store and oogle Play.

Annual renewal for the service is $65. Mazda Mobile Start currently works with the 2016 Mazda6 and 2016 Mazda CX-5 (automatic transmission only).

Additional Mazda models will be added this year. Genuine Mazda Accessories purchased while a vehicle is still covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty are covered for the duration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or the Parts Warranty, whichever is longer.

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  1. iwould just want aremote start we dont need to use our phone to start our car it just might be a dealbreaker for us

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