BMW EnLighten app connects BMW’s to traffic signals


Drivers have to figure out frequently if they should go through a traffic light and if they have enough time at the current speed to make it through  safely. There’s an app for that and it is integrated in BMW cars that work with BMW Apps.

BMW Group announced it is the first automaker to deploy the EnLighten App, by Connected Signals, into the car. BMW connected iPhone owners can see traffic signal information on BMW displays.

The EnLighten helps the driver anticipate traffic signal changes.

The EnLighten app shows the current status of the traffic light in front of the car in real-time as well as a countdown to when the signal will change. Based on the current vehicle position, as well as its speed, the EnLighten app offers a recommendation about whether or not to stop for the traffic light or proceed through. An audio alert notifies the driver about a pending change in the signal they are approaching.

At intersections where there are dedicated traffic signals for turns, the activation of the vehicle’s turn indicator tells the app of the driver’s intention to turn so that only the status of the relevant signal is displayed.

In order for the EnLighten app to work it requires a city to have an integrated network of smart traffic signals.

The EnLighten app integration will work in any BMW equipped with the BMW Apps option with the app running on a connected Apple iPhone.

The EnLighten App is downloaded from the Apple AppStore.

The EnLighten traffic app also works on smartphones and allows for choosing the sound such as train whistle, jazz, strum, whistling, whoosh, zing or a simple bell.

The EnLighten service is currently available in

  • Portland/Eugene, Oregon.
  • Garland, Texas.
  • Most of Utah.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Walnut Creek and Arcadia, California.