Automatic updates Bluetooth adapter with dual data & opens app store

licenseplus_blog-870x400 Automatic debuted their second-generation Bluetooth Automatic car adapter, allowing third-party “Bluetooth streaming” apps to show data from the car’s computer in real-time. The company also launched its app gallery.

The new Automatic OBD-II adapter protects all wireless data using 128-bit AES encryption. Each adapter has a unique key to prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle’s systems. The adapter’s accelerometer measures the car’s 3D orientation a hundred times per second and uses signal processing algorithms to detect a serious collision and will send help in a crash.

The adapter supports dual Bluetooth data streams— one to the Automatic mobile app and one to a third-party app. The 2nd generation adapter also features built-in GPS, Made for iPhone (MFi) certification, and an improved connector to fit better in more cars.

Two years ago Automatic launched a mobile app for the top needs of most drivers: fuel economy, engine diagnostics, and free emergency services (where available and there is a signal). Automatic expands what cars can do with the launch of the Automatic App Gallery with apps for many different kinds of drivers. Built using the Automatic Developer Platform, these apps let cars tap into car data for services and helpful information.

The Automatic App Gallery features over twenty apps at launch including Jawbone, IFTTT, DashCommand,  YourMechanic, Harry’s LapTimer, RescueTime and SherpaShare.

Features include:
  • Nest Thermostat climate control – heating or cooling your home before you get home.
  • Expensify or Concur to automatically logging your business mileage and expensing.
  • License+, to help parents make sure their teens are driving safe.
  • UnMooch helps carpoolers to split the cost of a carpool. After you complete a trip, open UnMooch split the costs appropriately and request money from friends over Venmo.

The Automatic Developer Platform allows developers to build and distribute car apps powered by the data available in cars.

BUY Automatic Car Adapter & Car Apps (2nd Generation) from Amazon.

The Automatic iOS app is compatible with iPhone 5 & newer (iOS 7 & above). The Android app requires Android 4.0 or above (some BLU features are not supported).