SideCar marijuana delivery via pot loopholes in San Francisco

meadowMedical marijuana users, who don’t like to drive and deal with pot holes in San Francisco, can now get their pot delivered cheaply through the ride service SideCar by fellow medical marijuana user collective members.

Through cooperation with medical marijuana ordering service Meadow, Sidecar offers same-day delivery of medical marijuana in San Francisco. Meadow lets patients order from licensed, local dispensaries through its website. Meadow will even have a doctor visit the patient for $100 to be diagnosed to receive a medical marijuana card.

Sidecar reports that orders through Meadow’s website are placed instantly and routed to delivery drivers, who arrive within an hour.

Sidecar stated on its blog that its curated delivery experience is compliant with California medical marijuana laws.

All drivers are card-holding medical marijuana patients and members of the local collective for which they are delivering, as are delivery recipients.

The medicine is held in a safe, lock box during transit. We’ve built out our delivery app so that drivers can quickly and easily fulfill all the necessary requirements – like ID verification – to safely and legally deliver medical marijuana to people who rely on it for treatment.

Drivers will not deliver more than the legal carrying limit of eight ounces.

California has 682,814 medical marijuana patients.

Sidecar Deliveries operates in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Boston and Brooklyn. Sidecar Deliveries claims that deliveries cost as low as $4.99 for same-day and $7.49 for on demand with 95% of deliveries arrive by their target time or sooner. If it’s not on time, it’s free.