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Audi maps details for piloting & predictive efficiency

audiAudi announced it is working to develop new, high-resolution mapping for auto-piloting and predictive driving efficiency.

Audi is working with TomTom to use various technology mapping platforms. The next generation of the Audi A8 with piloted driving technology will use the high-resolution maps.

An example of detailed high resolution map use is the predictive efficiency assistant in the new Audi Q7 that uses highly precise route data that includes information on elevation profiles that works with this data even while the driver is not actively using navigation. If desired, the system can also be used to help economize on fuel. It offers practical fuel-saving tips to drivers in situations in which reducing speed makes sense.

The predictive efficiency assistant recognizes curves, roundabouts and intersections, descents and ascents, as well as municipality border signs and speed limit signs – often before the driver even sees them. Drivers who use this features can reduce fuel consumption by up to ten percent.

An Audi SUV was the first self-driving car to drive across the United States. Audi in Germany is piloting a program with Amazon package delivery in Audi trunks. It is offering Audi on Demand with daily to 28-day car delivery rentals through an iPhone app.

Audi has been working with Delphi to get auto-piloted Audis on the road. Future autonomous Audi vehicles will use the Nividia zFAS and MobileEye.

Recently, Audi sales went down in the United States.