Kiosk breath tech helps get drunks home in Uber cars in Toronto, Canada

uberrideThe people who need a ride home late at night, more than anyone else are those that are intoxicated. Until we get breathalyzers in cars in the form alcohol interlock devices, a new promotion from Uber, Canada turns a breath-check kiosk into a game to get more drunks off the road.

A video produced for UberSafe by Rethink marketing, rethinks the way drunks get rides home. The kiosk was built by design and fabrication studio Stacklab. The Uber blog states “Safety has always been our number one priority at Uber.”

The promotion on a Toronto street offered free rides for those whose breathe showed an intoxicated illegal level of alcohol.

Canadians were able to request safe rides by blowing into a breathalyzer straw. The kiosk says, “You drink, we drive. Blow here for the drive on us.”

The video shows a bunch of drunk  young people using the kiosk like a game cheering when they get the message “Finding pickup location.”

Intoxicated Uber users, say “Thanks” and “Never drink and drive.” The video ends with the coupon code, “New to Uber? Enter code UberSafe2015 and the first ride is free.” The fine print on the Uber website note that all rides are free. “New users in Canada only. Valid for one free ride up to $25. Expires 12/30/2015.”

We find it interesting that Toronto was selected for the kiosk. Toronto is the home of the drug-and-alcohol guzzling former mayor, Rob Ford. Uber may have kept Rob Ford out of trouble. In previous research, we were told that Rob Ford had an in-vehicle alcohol interlock device installed in one of his cars.

Uber recently outlined the expectations of riders and driver partners and published a new Code of Conduct.

“Illegal substances and open containers of alcohol are not permitted in drivers’ vehicles. ”

“It is disrespectful to make derogatory remarks about a person or group. Furthermore, commenting on appearance, asking overly personal questions and making unwanted physical contact are all inappropriate. We encourage you be mindful of other users’ privacy and personal space. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated.”

We’re wondering if the drunks will be able to behave according to Uber’s new Code of Conduct.

Uber established a global Safety Advisory Board to work with us on an ongoing basis. The board will review our safety practices and advise on our roadmap for adding safety features to the platform.

A connected concept car by APMA  Canada with QNX software included an alcohol interlock device and a new product from Driving Management Systems Inc. using smartphone notifies teens and their parents that it is unsafe to drive.

Adweek called the campaign “very cool.” What do you think? Is it making drinking seem like more fun? Please write your opinions in the comments below?