WAT makes the APMA Connected Car so special?

001__C1A3282Last week, the most Canadian connected concept car, ever, was shown at the APMA( Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association) in Canada and one that the Ontario’s drunken mayor Rob Ford can’t drive because it has an alcohol interlock device on it.

There have been reports that just say what types of devices were installed in the car running the QNX operating system but not the actual devices makers or providers.

The specially decked out Lexus RX350 was connected and reconfigured by the University of Waterloo.

Companies that participated and provided either software or hardware:

  • ACS Alcolock, see a new report coming from TechHive Car Tech.
  • BRAKERS Early Warning Systems Inc., designed to inform motorists, in advance, of approaching emergency vehicles or when approaching an emergency situation.
  • IMS Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (lMS) is a connected car services providing driver-centric connected car services with the award-winning DriveSync platform.
  • Lixar offers guidance and assets for user experience and integrated user interfaces.
  • MIS Automotive is developing and commercializing a suite of advanced, next generation Automotive Imaging Safety Sensors.
  • Pravala Networks’ end-to-end cloud networking platform makes gateway in the car that intelligently connects to the cloud using 3G, Wi-Fi and DSRC and provides a Wi-Fi connection for passenger user in the car. The platform also provides a web-based policy management and reporting system.
  • GestureSense from XYZ Interactive provides 3D gesture recognition and touchless control sensor technology.
  • Leggett & Platt Automotive is the world’s largest supplier of seat comfort system and suspension components to the automotive industry provided the -Helios induction charger to wireslessly charge smartphones.
  • TE Connectivity i designs and manufactures products at the heart of electronic connections for the world’s leading industries including automotive, energy and industrial and broadband communications.
  • Weather Telematics, is a vehicle-based surface observation platform that collects environmental data, delivered to customer in real time, and with guaranteed scientific integrity supported by standards and the provision of metadata.
  • Toyota provided the Lexus.
  • WatCAR, University of Waterloo helped make and design the super Canadian Connected Car.
  • Magna provided smart rearview mirror and side light projectors.

We have more details at a later date.

APMA is Canada’s national association representing original equipment automotive suppliers. APMA’s members account for approximately 90 per cent of Canada’s automotive component supply and employ over 80,000 workers. It is headquartered in Toronto Canada.