Connected car water-saving patent automates wiper fluid and coolant: WiperFill

wiperfillWe’ve seen connected cars connecting people, maps, lights, setting wiper speed according to rain sensor data and on almost all of the systems of cars except the wiper fluid and coolant systems. Even with the most sophisticated connected car, if you don’t have wiper fluid or the enough coolant/antifreeze, it can be dangerous. WiperFill, an automatic system that converts rain water into wiper fluid or antifreeze, announced  that it received the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO).

WiperFill notes that with the use of synthetic oil, today’s drivers don’t frequent oil change services as often. Therefore drivers are not having their wiper fluid reservoirs, checked often enough. The WiperFill commercial points out that everything on connected cars today is automatic except for filling of these fluids.

WiperFill is designed to eliminate the need to manually refill the wiper fluid reservoir. WiperFill collects water at the base of the windshield, directs it into its custom mixing device to produce clean cleaning and antifreeze fluid.

The system is made up of a fluid collection point placed at the base of the windshield and a multi-chamber mixing cartridge that utilizes wiper fluid and/or antifreeze concentrates to achieve the right mix. The cartridge of concentrated fluid is designed to last up to one year and can be replaced during normal maintenance.

WiperFill claims it helps save resources. It reduces hundreds of millions of gallons of filtered water annually used in the bottling and OEM reservoir filling process. By using the WiperFill’s reusable and rechargeable cartridges, there is no need for single use plastic bottles. It also reduces carbon emissions by making shipments up to 35 times more efficient.

WiperFill filed for a patent on its system in March 2013. Patent number 9 million was granted on April 7, 2015.

Founded in 2012, WiperFill Holdings is privately held company that designs and produces wiper fluid replacement systems for the original equipment and aftermarket.

The only concern we have about WiperFill is in states where it seldom rains such as the serious drought in California and desert states like Arizona. In the states where it rains often it should allow drivers to spend less time at the service station. We noticed that service stations now charge for water. WiperFill could also save money in the long run.

WiperFill contacted us regarding our concern in dry and drought states.

“Thee areas in question typically have a higher than average amount of automatic car washes that utilize a water reclamation system for conservation. WiperFill will be able to replenish a vehicles reservoir during this process.

WiperFill is also able to recapture some of the dispensed fluids, enabling the reservoir to ‘go further’ than its typical expectancy.

Also, users should keep in mind that WiperFill does not need to refill the reservoir with every rain, but rather maintain a usable level.”