Nissan takes charge of EV adoption in Northern California & Georgia

nissan-leafNissan is working to power EVs longer distances and to sell more EVs by helping to create more chargers in Northern California and Georgia. Nissan will install rapid chargers on routes in Northern California as well as give rebates for employers who install 240 volt chargers at businesses in Georgia. These two efforts should help reduce EV range anxiety in those areas.

Northern California

Nissan to encourage the use of electric vehicles for longer-distance driving in Northern California will install and maintain multiple rapid chargers along specific inter-city routes.

Nissan and Kanematsu will collect, analyze, and research data on EV driving patterns in California, and create a suitable model to help promote more extensive use of electric vehicles in the state and beyond.

With the help of the California state government, Nissan and Kanematsu plan to place additional quick chargers at suitable locations along inter-city freeways in Northern California, and guide EV users to the most efficient quick chargers along the route. They will then evaluate the program to see if it successfully encourages users to drive longer distances in their EVs.

Nissan Rebates for Chargers at Employers in GA

Nissan is working with Georgia Power to make EV charging available at more workplaces in the region.

Through a new partnership funded by Nissan and Georgia Power, local employers can receive a $1,000 rebate for each 240 volt, Level 2 charger installed – $500 from Georgia Power and a matching $500 from Nissan. Nissan’s matching contribution expands an existing Georgia Power EV charger rebate program for businesses that was introduced in 2014.

The Nissan matching rebate is available through June 30, 2015. To qualify, companies must have 100 or more employees and the facility must be in the Georgia Power service area.

Qualified Nissan LEAF owners also get an EZ-Charge card, granting them two years of unlimited 30-minute complimentary DC Fast charges and 60-minute Level 2 charges at participating No Charge to Charge stations.

Nissan dealers offer f free gas car rentals for when a Nissan Leaf owner needs to travel further.

How far will Nissan go to promote EVs? It has made a video of the”Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle” the e-NV200, an all-electric version of the NV200 with a 1,500-watt electric grill that comes out of the back door. The mini EVan also has flying selfie camera, smartphone linked display, cool water misting and Karoke music center. Now that’s a great way to have a tailgate party. The only problems ar the e-NV200 is not available in the United States and you’ll have to have your party by a charging station…