LG & Mercedes-Benz working on cameras for better ADAS

mercedesbenzLG Electronics and Mercedes-Benz have partnered to create camera systems for automated driving. The new cameras be designed to perceive the environment, monitor the state of the driver and use 6D Vision technology licensed from Mercedes-Benz.

LG’s camera systems, computer vision algorithms and electronics technologies are expected to bring more features to ADAS. LG is transferring will also use home entertainment and mobile communications businesses technologies in the program.

LG currently makes front/stereo cameras for Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), High Beam Assist (HBA) as well as Pedestrian and Bicyclist Protection. State monitoring systems check the driver for attention drowsisness and if eyes are on the road.

Surround View cameras help the driver park by showing blind spots and sense obstacles.

LG’s Vehicle Component Company was founded in July 2013 for eco-friendly automotive components and core automotive solutions based on proprietary electronics technologies.