How to use smartphone/iPhone features, Siri Eyes Free and OnStar RemoteLink GMC & Chevy

GMconsoleChevy and GMC vehicles have many new features including the OnStar RemoteLink app, voice commands, Siri Eyes Free and more.

In the following videos Stefan Cross, communications manager for GM and Chevy shows off the smartphone connections features in a GMC Canyon and on a large screen that simulates a smartphone screen.

From inside the vehicle, you can access your phone book, calendar and music on your smartphone. If you get a text message while driving, there  predefined reply text messages available.

Siri Eyes Free lets you access only audio based questions, send a text message, get a game score, place a phone call. Cross phones his associate Stuart Fowle who uses Siri to respond to text messages and play music.  Fowle prefers a live OnStar agent for maps and directions.

There many great features with the OnStar RemoteLink app. All new GMC/Chevy vehicles come with five years of free remote start. In cold or extreme weather the remote start is a very popular feature.  The RemoteLink allows the driver to honk the horn/flash the lights, lock/unlock the doors and get diagnostic information. The app will also setup the GM Wi-Fi hotspots or call for roadside assistance.