New Connected Car V2I Tech Calls Cells When a Car is Going Wrong Way

emergecncycallboxMany of us have seen the problems that arise when someone drives the wrong direction in the lane. Often it is someone who goes down a one way street, the wrong way. Or it could be on a curved highway. In the case of Germany, there are 1,800 wrong-way drivers reported on the autobahn network, annually.  This kind of mistake leads to serious accident with one in six deaths in these kinds of collisions.

Currently, wrong-way drivers are notified via radio, which takes too much time. Students at the Institute of Computer Science and c4c Engineering at the Technical University of Clausthal have developed apps and prototypes to combat wrong way driving collisions.

The researchers suggest using the existing orange emergency telephone call boxes as positions for infrastructure hardware to provide Wi-Fi.  Sensors at the emergency phones on the road, detect the computer systems in cars, when a car is driving the wrong-way within a second, it rings and flashes all the phones in nearby vehicles including the wrong-way driver. The message warns drivers to reduce speed to avoid accidents.

The project falls under the realm of V2I Vehicle-to-Infrastructure the title of the report translates to ” Car2Infrastructure -based wrong-way driver recognition ”

A video was provided by Ingrid Schindler. Also participating in the project was Lutz Kelch.

In the future in the U.S. the government may require V2V resources and V2I types of collison protection.