TeleNav Extends Ford Deal to 2017 Updates Scout iPhone App

searchaheadTelenav reported that it has expanded its supplier agreement with Ford until 2017 and updated its Scout for iPhone app.

Most GPS navigation apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps don’t let you search while you’re already navigating.  Telenav’s update of its Scout for iPhone app helps people find restaurants, coffee shops, or gas stations that are right along their route – and lets them easily add these as pit stops with the fewest taps on the iPhone.

Telenav claims Scout for iPhone is the first navigation app that lets you search ahead along your route and offers parking suggestions when you arrive.

80% of the time people search for food, gas and parking while driving. A video that follows shows that Scout maps is faster than iPhone Google maps  for finding coffee on the go using 1 tap as opposed to three or no way to do it on Google Maps.

Other new features include:

  • Easier to use design.
  •  Innteractive Dashboard map—xoom and pan, see what’s nearby, and get your traffic-based commute drive times right on the map, with one-tap navigation.
  • Avoid traffic—Get the most efficient routes with the least amount of traffic, one-tap adaptive rerouting to avoid jams, and street-level traffic views while reporting any traffic or police on your route to help fellow Scout users to avoid speeding tickets.
  •  Get free voice guidance—Get to your destination with free turn-by-turn, voice navigation, and just say “Hey, Scout!” to activate voice commands to search or drive hands-free.
  • Scout for iPhone now provides suggestions and guidance to the closest and cheapest parking lots near your destination.

Telenav, recently partnered with Red Bend Software, the leader in Mobile Software Management (MSM), on a proof of concept to provide over-the-air (OTA) map and point of interest (POIs) updates to Scout for Cars.