Commercial Vehicle Telematics Webinar, May 7

Frost & Sullivan presented the key trends that will shape the global CV telematics market in a webinar on  May 7, 4pm BST.

To register and participate in this free webinar contact Chiara Carella

The online course will cover global trends and and government regulations in China, India and Australia . These regions also continue to focus on fuel costs and improve operational efficiency in 2014. Northern America and Europe are mature markets and will continue to see substantial growth despite the delays in implementing the standards.

Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Nandini Tara – who has completed a thorough analysis of the global telematics commerical vehicle  market- will be accompanied by Thomas Fansler , President, Vusion .

During the presentation  the analysts will discus major trends 2014.  Big data can reduce repair time and reduce warranty costs.