Spot On Time iPhone & Android Apps–Gets You There & Parked On Time without Stress

SpontontimeOT Mobility launches a new iPhone and Android app today that relieves the stress of worrying about getting places on time — Spot On Time.

“I love innovation in mobile,” said David Rothschild CEO of OT Mobility in an interview with AUTO Connected Car, “Using a lot of research and great data we created a solution to get people to multiple destinations during a day.”

The Spot On Time app compiles information from mapping data, live traffic data from users, freeway sensors and other sources to calculate exactly when someone should leave to get someplace on time. Spot On Time even offers suggestions for “safe” places to park and gives walking directions from the parking garage.

Spot On Time is called the all-in-one mobile app for scheduling, alerting, mapping, and parking.

The app is especially useful for parents who have to pick up a child at given time, noted Rothschild.  Say, for instance, one parent works full-time and other is out in the field.  Spot One Time will alert the parent when he/she needs to leave to get to the school to pickup the student.

Rothschild said that often people spend a lot of time during the day thinking about how they are going to get to appointments on time, checking traffic apps and via other means.  Spot On Time lets the user know if traffic is slow on a route and instructs the user a more efficient way to get to where they want to go. It also relieves the stress of worrying about getting somewhere on time.

For example, Rothschild recently needed to go to Oakland and he lives in Campbell near San Jose.  There are several bridges he could take to get to Oakland.  If he planned the route himself, he could be on the wrong side of the bay in traffic, while Spot On Time advised him of the best route, where to park and also gave him walking directions to the final location.

A problem people often experience with products such as Google Maps is that Google Maps is in real-time.  Looking a Google Map with a suggested “drive time” a day before leaving on a trip could change drastically over night.

Another example is when there are severe weather conditions such as a drive from Libertyville to Chicago during a snow storm.  If traffic is slowed due to a storm, a new route will be suggested and the time to leave will be recalculated.

Rothschild sees Spot On Time as a great app for Real Estate Agents.  It could also be a great app for sales people, contractors, assessors, insurance agents, limo drivers and others who have to arrive on time for professional or personal reasons.

As part of its launch the Spot On Time app can be used for a free two-week trial after that the price is $39.99 for one year.  Spot On Time is available in Google Play or the App Store.

The Spot On Time website has a calculator to show how much money you can save by using the app.  In an economy car in Los Angels, the savings is around $16.00 a month in gas.