Connected Car NPR Definition= Auto Algebra

NPRnewsappindashIn an interview on NPR we see two definitions of connected cars.  It’s interesting to note that NPR is really into connected cars, in fact the NPR news app was one of General Motors’ first in-dash infotainment apps.  We at AUTO Connected have an in-depth definition of “connected car.Sonari Glinton noted that there really two types of connected cars:

  • Truly connected cars are autos that can “talk” to one another, which many call V2V.
  • Cars that connect your digital life via your smarpthone or in-dash system without you having to touch it or look at it while you are driving.

Car + phone – hands-free = connected car.

Glinton contends that the biggest advantage is hand-fee access to your smartphone and less distraction.