AT&T Drives MWC Connected Cars Home with a New Drive Studio

ATTdrivestudioIf developing for the connected car market is driving you crazy then you may want to visit AT&T Drive Studio, AT&T’s first connected car center for innovation and research in Atlanta.

The AT&T Drive Studio in Atlanta Georgia Showcases:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Solutions for infotainment and telematics . AT&T’s Drive portfolio, including AT&T’s global SIM, bifurcated billing, voice recognition, and the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network.
  • RedBend  allows companies to remotely manage automotive software, hosted in the AT&T cloud, to  to manage in-vehicle software and applications over the air.
  • QuickPlay Media offers an in-vehicle video service, delivers Live Linear TV and streaming Video on Demand.

Located in Atlanta, the more than 5,000-square foot AT&T Drive Studio features working garage bays, a speech lab, a full showroom to exhibit the latest innovations, conference facilities, and much more.  The AT&T Drive Studio integrates AT&T solutions across multiple companies and serves as a hub where AT&T can respond to needs of automotive manufacturers and the auto ecosystem at large.

AT&T Drive is  a modular, global solution that allows automakers to develop connected car solutions for connectivity and billing solutions as well as data analytics and infotainment.

AT&T offers proprietary, global SIM platform to wirelessly enable and connect products across the globe.