Nissan Autonomous Auto-Driven, Robotic Car (Leaf) Drives into Future of Connected Cars Post 2014

NissanAutonomousDriveNissan has pledged to offer robotic, autonomous vehicles by 2020. Driver-less Nissan Leaf test vehicles are being tested under many conditions.

Nissan tests vehicles in a dedicated autonomous driving city in Japan.  The track has real houses  for life-like self-driven car testing without using public roads for maximum safety.

Siri Move Over James 2025 is Our 2025 VW Driver

James2025In Hannover, germany at CeBIt, Volkswagen CEO Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn showed James 2025 as the car cockpit of the future.

The comfy virtual cockpit allows drivers to relax and lets the car drive itself through a few buttons on the dash. When the car is in automatic driving mode, the head unit screen system shows the car’s planned driving maneuvers while a second screen gives access to infotainment functions. The steering wheel moves away. At any time like when an airplane is using auto-pilot the driver can take over driving the car.(see video below)

Driverless Autonomous Robotic Cars Will Auto-Pilot Growth for IBM & Google

NissanAutonomousDriveResearch and Markets reported that automated driving will achieve significant growth. These vehicles are sometimes called autonomous, auto-piloted or robotic cars.

IBM and Google will be software vendors for the robotic vehicles according to Research and Markets, that reported that IBM has the lead with its excellent integrated reliable middleware.