Nissan Deliveries In-Person Tech Training with Second Delivery

New Nissans are packed with technology. From ProPILOT Assist to Safety Shield® 360 to the MyNISSAN app, there are countless ways that technology can help make driving a Nissan easier. And while engineers have worked hard to make getting to know the tech seamless, learning it can still be daunting for owners – especially those who haven’t driven a Nissan lately.

Enter Second Delivery1 – Nissan’s program that helps owners understand their vehicles through a personalized, in-person approach. Currently offered on Ariya, the program is expected to expand to Rogue SL, Rogue Platinum and LEAF in late 2024. Second Delivery is a complimentary perk for owners of these new vehicles.

Second Delivery is distinct from the regular delivery of the vehicle by the dealership, and it typically takes place about two weeks after the owner has received their new car. Here’s how it works: Once a new vehicle is leased or purchased, owners have the option to sign up for Second Delivery at a participating dealer, through the MyNISSAN app or through the Nissan Owners Portal. A Tech Expert will then work one-on-one with the owner to set up a time to come to their home, workplace or other location of their choosing. The Tech Expert will walk the owner through the vehicle’s features, answer questions and highlight tech the owner might not have been aware of previously.

“The more I learned about the bells and whistles the car had, the more I wanted to use them,” said Missy N., an Ariya owner who lives in Colorado.

Personalized experiences for new owners

Tech Experts have completed more than 5,000 Second Delivery appointments since the program launched for Ariya in February 2023. Each Tech Expert receives roughly 35 hours of training just for the Ariya, and will receive even more for Rogue and LEAF. Dan Mohnke, Nissan vice president of eCommerce and Customer Experience, said 93% of customers felt that Second Delivery was extremely helpful in improving their understanding of their vehicle’s features.

“Now more than ever, customers expect a personalized experience that matches their wants and needs,” Mohnke said. “These types of experiences are extremely important for us to offer for our Ariya customers, who are largely new to the Nissan brand and interested in using all of the latest technology.”

Tech Experts work hard to ensure the customer leaves the appointment feeling confident using their vehicle’s technology.

Missy said her Second Delivery Tech Expert, Jorge, spent two hours showing her around Ariya, and then drove with her to a nearby charging station to show the first-time EV owner how the charging process works.

“He walked us through everything,” Missy said. “I was very impressed.”

Philip Stahl, an Ariya owner in Southern California, was similarly impressed. He said a Tech Expert named Clarissa visited his home shortly after he traded in his Telsa Model Y for an Ariya Platinum+ e-4ORCE last year. Clarissa helped him get everything set up – from Apple CarPlay® to the memory seats.

“It was definitely useful in getting comfortable with the technology,” Stahl said. “I can’t see any downside whatsoever to somebody using the service.”

After the appointment, Stahl had another question about Ariya. So, he simply texted Clarissa.

“She responded right away. She was great about it,” Stahl said.

Gaylen and Patricia Rebbe aren’t new to EVs – but they were new to Ariya when they bought it in early 2023. They scheduled an appointment with Second Delivery shortly after their Everest White Pearl TriCoat Ariya arrived.

“We had some questions about some features, and she straightened us out on that,” Patricia said.

Like other Second Delivery participants, the Rebbes said their Tech Expert was flexible and wanted to ensure they understood everything the vehicle has to offer.

“She was very nice,” Gaylen said. “She was happy to spend as much time as we wanted with her.”

Mohnke is looking forward to the planned expansion of the Second Delivery program, which will allow a much larger group of customers to get to know their vehicles while being guided by a friendly expert.

“Second Delivery builds a sense of trust with the customer,” he said. “It shows we’re not just about the purchase. You’re a customer for life.”


Nissan Second Delivery is available to customers who purchase or lease a 2023 or 2024 Nissan ARIYA from a participating Nissan dealer from new dealer stock (“Eligible Vehicle”). Second Delivery is available only once per Eligible Vehicle. Other restrictions apply. Contact participating dealer for details and available Second Delivery locations. Subject to change at any time and/or termination without notice.