Canoo GOEV Unmasks Covid-Killing Air Purifying for Lifestyle Vehicle

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Interior

Canoo Inc. (GOEV), a company manufacturing breakthrough electric vehicle (EVs) has shared details about its virus killing cabin climate control with Air Purifying qualities. The Wellness Package enhances interior air quality, attacks odors and kills viruses instantly, including Covid-19, and will be pre-loaded in the Premium and Adventure packages of its Lifestyle Vehicle.

Our air purifying technology is designed to keep cabin interiors odor and germ free. Built for families, ride hailing and road-trips our UV-light technology instantly kills viruses, improves air quality and provides peace of mind – that we could all use right now,” said Tony Aquila, CEO & Executive Chairman, Canoo Inc. “Covid-19 changed the way we think about health – and we’re passing on that future proofing to our customers, and everyone that rides with them.”

Kills Viruses Instantly & Sanitizes the Air

The Air Purifying system in Canoo’s LV Premium and Adventure combines UV-A and UV-C lights with a Titanium Dioxide coated filter to generate a photocatalytic process that breaks down pollutants and airborne particles on a molecular level. To put it simply, the UV light chemically activates the filter which then captures gases, like odors, and tiny particles, like cigarette smoke, germs and viruses.

The chemical process in Canoo’s filtration systems eliminates viruses and odors upon contact, while HEPA filters capture and store particles, disarming them over time. Our filtration system is not only faster in eliminating viruses, but also more cost effective for our customers than HEPA filters – which fill up over time and need frequent maintenance or replacement. Canoo’s chemically activated air purifier is expected to last the lifetime of the vehicle, lowering the overall cost of ownership and providing peace of mind for owners 1 through 4.

Canoo’s internal thermal management systems were originally designed in 2018 well ahead of rising awareness of advanced public health measures. Our future-focused team recognized that a globally aging population, and immuno-compromised individuals would become top of mind in the coming years and protecting health via air quality would be critical. In line with our mission to bring EVs to everyone, Canoo’s Wellness Package is equally useful for families, carpooling or rideshare, long commutes and more.