Distracted Driving Increases Collisions

One in four drivers are using their phones nearly five times an hour, making them 70% more likely to be in a collision than the average driver, new data insights from Arity revealed today. These insights released during National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, based on analysis of driving behaviors throughout the last year.

Analysis of Arity driving data also highlighted distracted driving behaviors state by state. The full results reveal that Wyoming and New Mexico logged the least distracted driving behaviors per 100 of miles driven, while Mississippi, Louisiana, Rhode Island and South Carolina tallied the most.

Regardless of location, the prevalence of distracted driving behaviors increases the likelihood for collisions and raises serious concerns for drivers whether they are a mom dropping kids off at school, a new driver on the road, or a rideshare driver. And with 11% of all collisions occurring within a minute of the driver using their phone, it is time that all drivers put down their phone.

“It comes as no surprise to see the correlation between driving distracted and collisions, with more than 700 people injured in accidents caused by distracted driving every day,” said Gary Hallgren, president at Arity. “At Arity, we believe that the power of mobility data has the ability to make transportation safer for everyone. With one of the largest databases of driving behavior data connected to claims, we are focused on building solutions that ease the challenge for insurers, ridesharing and mobility apps to identify and reduce risky driving behaviors.”

Built directly into apps via an SDK (software development kit), Collision Detection by Arity is a proprietary algorithm that identifies in real time when a driver has been in a collision using sensor data from users’ mobile phones. In doing so, Collision Detection by Arity makes it possible for app partners to deploy rapid support onsite if a driver is involved in a collision.

While Collision Detection by Arity provides unique value to app users, it is also a beneficial asset to mobile app publishers, insurance companies and sharing economy companies interested in the safety of drivers. With the prevalence of distracted driving and correlation to collisions, immediate and accurate detection not only enables companies to know when a collision has happened, it also allows them to build integrations that automatically notify loved ones and deploy emergency services drivers may need.

For one partner, Life360,¬†Arity’s Collision Detection solution is detecting on average 18,000 collisions per month, translating into Life360’s ability to deliver an average of over 1,100 monthly life-saving emergency response dispatches for its members.

Because this feature keeps drivers safe, it also generates strong user loyalty. With this in mind, app developers looking to establish a devoted consumer base can greatly benefit from integrating Collision Detection as a feature of their apps.

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