Visiting Medical Care Car 2035 Concept Wins Magna Award

Chanwoo Park, a design student at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, has claimed the annual Magna Global Bold Perspective Award with his submission titled Medic Bay 2035. The awards were presented by Magna on December 3rd at a virtual event hosted by Car Design News.

Park’s concept imagines a vehicle that delivers health care services by transporting medical personnel and equipment to a patient’s residence. Upon arrival the vehicle transforms itself into a rehabilitation space.

“The journey to recovery takes on new meaning when services come to you,” said Larry Erickson, global director of Magna’s exteriors design group. “This design was very compelling with its innovative exterior kinematics, advanced materials and unique propulsion solutions.”

Park’s entry also seemed especially appropriate for 2020. “I have not seen a design concept more ‘of-the-moment’ given the current situation in the world,” said awards judge Brad Richards, Styling and Design Vice President at Harley Davidson. “It’s refreshing to see younger generations reaching out to the more senior members of society and applying new thinking like this.”

“We asked students to look for low-barrier solutions that allow everyone the freedom to travel, work and live with ease,” said Magna Exteriors President Grahame Burrow. “The students’ use of innovative exterior panels, openings and materials gives us a window to see how future mobility can go beyond transportation to assist people with everyday tasks.”

Europe finalist Matthew Lincoln from Coventry University in London earned second place with his Urban Escapism concept, his vision to enable future city dwellers to escape from busy city life. China finalist Angfu Li, from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in Hangzhou, China, was the overall third-place winner with his off-road luxury vehicle design Cross Alps.

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