EV Charging News: Momentun, Buena Park & Cross Country

Conveniently located at the Love’s Travel Stops in Ripon, Madera and Tulare the charging stations include DC fast chargers (DCFC) and level-2 chargers and use EV Connect’s EV Cloud for managing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure (PRNewsfoto/EV Connect)

Attention EV drivers there will more EV charging stations including wireless one around the world. In EV charging news are Momentum Dynamics, Electrify America, Tritium, EVGateway and EV Force.

Momentum Wireless Charging in Oslo

Momentum Dynamics will provide the wireless charging system to Jaguar Land Rover vehicles to support the City of Oslo with the world’s first high-powered wireless taxis.

In a programme known as ‘ElectriCity’, Momentum will join Jaguar Land Rover, Nordic taxi operator Cabonline (NorgesTaxi AS), the region’s largest charge point operator Fortum Recharge and the City of Oslo to build wireless, high-powered charging infrastructure for taxis in the Norwegian capital.

Tritium, EVGateway and EV Force in the O.C.

To expand DC Fast Charging locations in urban areas throughout California, Tritium and EvGateway have partnered on a new project in a popular retail center in Orange County’s Buena Park. The property is owned and operated by EVForce and features four of Tritium’s award winning RT50/50kW DC Fast Chargers. The high traffic shopping area features several name-brand retail stores and now provides electric vehicle (EV) drivers with energy freedom and efficient and expedient charging solutions while they shop.

The funding for this installation comes from EVForce by an initiative of the Energy Commission’s California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP). The project initiative offers incentives for companies and cities to purchase and install EV charging infrastructure at public sites throughout California.

Building on the momentum from the Buena Park project, Tritium and EvGateway are working on several more installations as part of a strategic alliance to expand DC fast-charging infrastructure in urban areas across California and beyond.

Electrify America Cross-Country Routes

Electrify America  announced the completion of its first cross-country route, which allows electric vehicle (EV) drivers to travel from coast to coast using the largest open DC fast-charging network in the United States. It is the first of two cross-country routes the network will complete this year, and spans 11 states and over 2,700 miles to take drivers from Los Angeles to the nation’s capital Washington D.C.

The first cross-country route travels along Interstates 15 and 70, providing high-powered chargers with speeds up to 350kW to get EV drivers fueled up and back on their way quicker than ever. To ensure EV drivers feel empowered in their ability to travel throughout the country, Electrify America charging stations are on average about 70 miles apart, in metro areas and near highway routes located conveniently by shopping and dining amenities.

“Electrify America’s primary goal has always been to advance electric vehicle adoption in the U.S., and that starts by instilling feelings of confidence and freedom in consumers when it comes to EV ownership,” said Anthony Lambkin, director of operations at Electrify America. “The completion of our first cross-country route is a significant step towards that goal – by making long-distance travel in an EV a reality, we hope to encourage more consumers to make the switch to electric.”

The route from Los Angeles, CA to Washington, DC is one of two cross-country routes in the company’s initial plans to expand its robust open DC fast-charging network.

By end of summer, EV drivers can travel across the southern portion of the U.S., from Jacksonville to San Diego, on interstate highways starting near I-10 and finishing along I-8. Electrify America already offers a major route covering much of the East Coast via Interstate 95 from Portland, ME to Miami, FL, and has  completed a West Coast route along Interstate 5 from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA.

To date, Electrify America has more than 435 operational charging stations with over 1,900 DC fast chargers, and another 100+ sites in development. Of the completed charging stations, more than 300 are located near major highways to accommodate regional and cross-country travel.