VINlocity Driver Proof of Delivery Delivers Contact-free

ACERTUS, a tech-enabled automotive logistics and services company, today released VINlocity Driver, proprietary electronic proof of delivery technology designed exclusively for their network of last mile and fleet delivery drivers. The mobile application enables drivers to operate at the highest level of efficiency while delivering real-time data and faster status updates, all while promoting paper and contact free delivery.

This release is the latest application in ACERTUS’ suite of proprietary technology solutions designed to provide players in the automotive industry with an enhanced level of visibility, speed and accuracy. Ease of use and efficiency are at the heart of this platform while also offering comprehensive functionality including:

● Geo-fencing to provide real-time status updates

● Condition reporting to share state of vehicle electronically

● Electronic proof of delivery to reduce paper and contact

● Auto-saving to prevent loss of data

● Title and Registration check and receipt image uploading for faster processing

● Uber and Lyft integrations to request a ride in-app

● And more

“VINlocity Driver is the latest example of our desire to create technology solutions to put powerful data in the hands of our customers,” said Rich Pinnock, Senior Vice President, Drive Away at ACERTUS. “As important, we are developing technology to empower our drivers to perform their job more efficiently and safely. ACERTUS will continue to develop new offerings to add to our proprietary tech stack.”

“Amidst the novel COVID-19 pandemic and a more e-commerce driven world, there has been a fundamental shift in delivery logistics and a surge in last mile delivery,” said William Billiter, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ACERTUS. “While the world is pivoting to keep up, our company has been offering last mile delivery service for more than 20 years. We have the infrastructure in place and continue to make enhancements to our technology to optimize this in-demand service. This latest installment to our VINlocity portfolio addresses the real-time needs of our customers by leveraging our industry-leading technology platform.”