Look Ma—No Steering Wheel, Pedals Mirrors & No Driver

GM’s subsidiary Cruise revealed the Cruise Origin that i self-driving, shared and all-electric.  It has no equipment that’s to support the driver, including the steering wheel, pedals, rearview mirrors, windshield wipers, and cramped seats. The seats face each other.

“We didn’t just want to improve on the car. We wanted to re-imagine transportation as if the car had never existed,” wrote Cruise CEO Dan Ammann.

The doors are sliding to make it easier to load bicycles–

Cruise claim it is completely safe due redundancy, with no single points of failure across sensing, compute, networking, or power. The vehicle is modular and upgrade-able with a life expectancy ofone million miles.

The Origin is not street legal because it lack NHSTA mandated features. The plan is to test in private, closed environments as the General Motors test sites in Michigan.

In the meantime, it look the most like Canoo that started taking reservations today.

Cruise was purchased by GM and has been testing specially outfitted Chevy Bolts on streets in San Francisco

Origin has been in development for three years and Honda’s involvement helped to speed up the process. The autonomous computer is housed in —– while there are  radar, cameras and LIDAR for sensing the surroundings.




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