Fisker Ocean Revealed- Karaoke, HUD, Haptic and California Mode

Today Henrik Fisker revealed the details of the Fisker Ccean SUV that is fully electric. He quickly went through the main features of the vehicle. To demonstrate the size of the trunk, he entered the reveal by getting out of the trunk.

There are some interesting features how the price is comparable to a high-end Nissan Leaf and less expensive than a Tesla Model 3. The first thing that he stated to keep the price down is the company will be completely digital with no middlemen.

Also the front fender will not open at all reducing the price of manufacturing the vehicle. Window washer fluid can be filled in through a vent the window wipers are close to the windshield.

In the lower front of the Ocean are some vents that will be control to help cool the battery. The electric motor is housed in the front however there will be models with two Motors one in the front and one in the back that can go from 0 to 60 and 2.9 seconds which is very good for a SUV. The Ocean was designed specifically wide so that it will have a nice ride and has 22 inch wheels.

Many parts of the vehicle are using recycled materials.Recycled plastic is used in the carpeting and also recycled T-Shirt fabric made from recycled materials is used across the dash. There are lights coming from the headrests and the seats for Design Elements. The door handles are lit and touch-sensitive.

There is a small LED screen in front of the steering wheel there is also a side large vertical portrait screen with five buttons of the most common features which include fan, temperature, home, find and volume

There are also a  a HUD that will project on the screen including karaoke lyrics.

The back window opens allowing to put in things like a surfboard but it is cushioned with recycled tire material. Traditional gas-powered cars can’t have a window in the back because the emission fumes slow into the vehicle the exhaust fumes however since it electric it doesn’t matter. California Mode opens up all the windows and a moon roof.

Some models with have solar panels that will power the Ocean 1,000 miles.

Tthe most important thing is that after the $7,500 incentive the price for the ocean in the US will be $29,999 which puts it on par with either a Nissan Leaf, or Chevy Volt  and less than the Tesla Model 3 (which doesn’t have incentives. The flexible leasing system through the app is $379 a month that includes service that will come to the driver.

After the leased vehicles are returned they will be re-leased at a lower price.

The first vehicles will be delivered in the end of 2021 and most will be delivered from 2022 unfortunately the music did not play for the hotel California. But the five people in side sang it anyway.