Best of SEMA 2: Chevrolet, Ford, Jay Leno, Stratasys, Scope Tech, LINE-X & Solar Gard

At SEMA today in Las Vegas, there were many more introductions and rods to be seen. Included in the mix are Chevrolet, Ford, Jay Leno, Stratasys, National Oil Seals, Scope Tech, LINE-X, Solar Gard and Karma Revero.

Chevy EV

Chevrolet’s E-10 Concept imagines the future of hot rodding at the SEMA Show, with a 1962 C-10 pickup truck powered by an electric Connect & Cruise concept crate propulsion package offering approximately 450 horsepower, using proven components from the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Highlighting the company’s electric capabilities, using production-based components, the E-10 demonstrates electric conversion possibilities for classic vehicles, blending vintage styling and high performance with zero-emissions driving.

The E-10’s Connect & Cruise concept propulsion system is composed of a double stack of Chevrolet Performance concept electric crate motors (eCrate), two 400-volt batteries and a conventional SuperMatic™ 4L75-E automatic transmission. The double stack eCrate motor replaces the truck’s original gas engine under the hood and is connected to the automatic transmission, which transfers torque to the rear axle. Power to the drive stack comes from the pair of independent Chevrolet Bolt EV power electronics and two production Bolt EV battery packs. Mounted in the truck’s bed, each offers 60 kWh of usable energy under a hard tonneau cover.

To fit in with other hot rods on the road, the E-10 has a sound emulator complete with three speakers to simulate an induction sound in the front and two banks of a V8 engine in the back of the vehicle. The driver can select one of five modes on the emulator, including: LS7 Z28 track tuning, LS7 Z28 touring turning, a V8 engine, a futuristic sound or silent – and the sounds will automatically adjust to the changing of the gears, truly mimicking an internal combustion engine.

EV Mustang

Ford and Webasto revealed Mustang Lithium, an ultra-high-performance battery electric Mustang fastback prototype. With more than 1,000 ft.-lbs. of torque and more than 900 horsepower instantaneously available, this Mustang amps muscle car performance to a new level and helps gauge the level of interest the next wave of performance customers have in lightning-quick performance that only fully electric powertrains can deliver.

  • 800-volt Webasto battery system with EVDrive technology.
  • Best of both worlds, Mustang Lithium accelerates the next generation of performance: unique 6-speed manual shifting, track handling and stunning quarter-mile acceleration with instant electric torque, and zero emissions

Jay Leno & Big Dog Access Stratasys FDM 3D

Stratasys announced it is collaborating with Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage and Big Dog Productions to provide access to Stratasys FDM 3D printers that keep the host’s unique collection of extreme and classic vehicles in top running condition with custom parts. This collaboration builds on Stratasys’ Performance Partner Program, launched last month, to empower those operating in the extreme worlds of competitive auto racing, classic vehicles, and next-generation aviation with the latest additive manufacturing technologies.

Jay Leno and Big Dog Garage now have access to core Stratasys additive manufacturing solutions – including the Fortus® 450mc™ 3D Printer with FDM Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber™. The machine makes it simple to produce complex manufacturing prototypes and finished parts efficiently and effectively using high-performance carbon fiber material. Big Dog has already been collaborating with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing for 3D printed parts-on-demand for nearly 10 years.

In conjunction with the extended Stratasys team, Leno has created some of the most cutting-edge 3D printed prototypes and custom parts for the automotive collection. This includes re-creating parts that simply no longer exist or would be far too time-consuming and expensive to create using traditional processes.

Jay Leno’s Garage/Big Dog Productions is an extension of Stratasys’ Performance Partner Program, bringing together leaders in auto racing, competitive sailing and next-generation supersonic travel to push the limits of additive manufacturing in these extreme environments. The collaborative group includes such leaders as Team Penske, Joe Gibbs Racing, American Magic and Boom Supersonic.

Jay Leno’s Garage/Big Dog Productions is an extension of Stratasys’ Performance Partner Program, bringing together leaders in auto racing, competitive sailing and next-generation supersonic travel to push the limits of additive manufacturing in these extreme environments. The collaborative group includes such leaders as Team Penske, Joe Gibbs Racing, American Magic and Boom Supersonic.

Leno’s Ford Bronco Brought Back to Life

– In terms of gag gifts, it was a good one – perfect, in fact, for a classic car enthusiast. Now years later, it will finally get the attention it deserves.

The 1968 Ford Bronco wagon was left for Jay Leno as a joke, arranged by fellow late-night TV host Craig Ferguson to be parked in Leno’s spot on the eve of his last taping. Ferguson was unaware of the iconic status of the Bronco – and had no idea how highly sought after these models are. But long-time car collector Leno knew. He happily accepted the gift which ended up sitting in his garage unrestored until recently.

A project years in the making, the announcement of the new Bronco spurred many discussions when anyone from Ford would visit Leno’s garage. The effort to restore the vehicle finally materialized early this year with Ford Performance and SEMA Garage leading a collaborative team to give it new life.

The upfitted and newly restored 1968 Bronco will be on display at the 2019 SEMA show.

Ford Performance worked with some of the industry’s restoration all-stars to bring that Bronco back to its former glory – and then some. The Bronco has been outfitted with the heart of the all-new Mustang Shelby GT500, the most-powerful street legal Ford ever.

Ford Performance engaged the expertise of noted Bronco licensee Kincer Chassis to help restore the vehicle – Kincer built the chassis and installed the powertrain, including the aforementioned Ford Performance 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine.

Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts provided body panels, while SEMA Garage contributed its technical expertise in computer-aided design, 3D printing and calibration work. LGE-CTS Motorsports, the award-winning and women-owned shop, revived the body with new sheet metal, custom body mods, paint, and final assembly.

“Bronco was an iconic vehicle that was many things to many people,” said Leno, now host of Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC. “The Bronco was bought to use on the farm or to take your date to the prom and was comfortable in any of these environments. The idea of having a classic Bronco upgraded with modern handling, performance and braking really makes it the best of both worlds.”

The 1968 Bronco wagon will be seen on an upcoming episode of Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC and will be showcased in detail on Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube.

National Oil Seals Dynamic Edge

National Oil Seals, a trusted brand from DRiV™ for over 75 years, has launched an exclusive new application-specific hand install Red 375 Series seal with Dynamic Edge® technology for commercial vehicles. Designed to simplify installation, National’s hand installable seals offer tool-free, on-the-fly installation that eliminates the need to find the correct installation tool; and saves potential damage to the seal through incorrect installation.

Scope Vehicle Scanning

Scope Technology, a 20-year veteran in the automotive industry, is announcing a new automated mobile vehicle inspection technology during the SEMA Show. The solution, called eMager, can perform a vehicle scan in seconds with a mobile phone and powerful Computer Vision and AI processing and analysis in the cloud.

Scope’s technology automates, and standardizes, vehicle inspections in minutes while eliminating human error. Scope’s mobile app can be used to take pictures of the vehicle and the images are uploaded to the cloud. Images are analyzed in seconds with computer vision algorithms and machine learning on the Azure cloud computing platform. The mobile application allows for scans of a vehicle wherever it is, even by end customers, opening up more options to transform business processes that are reliant on a physical inspection of a vehicle.

The system can detect multiple types of damage down to the millimeter level. Issues with fit & finish, panel alignment, damage, dents, scrapes, and scratches can be automatically detected with a corresponding vehicle report detailing the severity, extent, location, and type of damage. The full vehicle report is produced in seconds and can be integrated into common business and dealer systems to further automate the inspection or claims process.

“We have been helping automotive and insurance customers solve business problems with our end-to-end technology solutions for the last 20 years. With the help of our technology partner Microsoft we can deliver true innovation, automation, and cost and time savings to our customers, at scale and speed. Automating vehicle inspections via a mobile phone now makes it possible democratize the vehicle inspection to anyone with a mobile phone, including the end customer,” said George Giles, Head of Global Marketing, from Scope Technology.

Ravi Bhat, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft South Africa had this to say, “Azure Cognitive Services, like AI and Computer Vision, are important tools to accelerate innovation at the speed and scale of Enterprise business. It’s exciting to see a Microsoft partner develop innovative solutions with Azure Cognitive Services that can digitally disrupt and innovate a manual, skill specific, process that has been changed little in the last 100 years.”

Scope is working with select customers on beta versions of eMager and expect to release it to the market in Q4 2019. Applications of the technology include inspecting rental and used cars, inspection at the time of accident by the driver for claims automation, OEM manufacturing line QA and inspection, and more. Scope will be at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas demonstrating eMager.

Solar Gard

Solar Gard, the San Diego-based leader in window film technologies, is celebrating a successful 2019 with the release of multiple new products and innovative dealer support and training. The result has been a year of record engagement with installation partners while ushering in a new level of comfort and safety for customers.


Clearshield® Pro Hydro Paint Protection FilmClearshield Pro HYDRO boasts the all-new StainX™ topcoat, combining unrivaled stain resistance with hydrophobic technology that beads up and repels water, mud, and other elements from the surface of a vehicle. Additionally, its advanced polymer formula also helps minor scratches disappear.

VortexIR™ Ceramic Film SeriesThis newly released ceramic window film series leverages the company’s vast experience in nanotech applications, along with one of nature’s greatest energy absorption materials. Ceramic provides an unprecedented level of privacy, comfort, and protection — as well as industry-leading heat rejection.

The 2020 Karma Revero GT at Booth #12673 will display Clearshield® Pro Hydro and VortexIR™ on the vehicle.

LINE-X – a global leader in powerful protective coatings and first-rate truck accessories, kicked off the 2019 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas by doing something a little different. As many companies scrambled to complete their vehicles to transport to Las Vegas, LINE-X made 2019 the year they would do a complete vehicle build dubbed the “Road to SEMA RAM” while making the drive to Las Vegas and documenting it on the brand’s Facebook page. Starting in Huntsville, Ala., headquarters for LINE-X and its aftermarket brand, Truck Gear by LINE-X, the company hit the road with a base 2020 RAM 1500 to begin the upfitting process of the truck. Hitting key LINE-X franchise locations along the way, the finished product rolled into Las Vegas Saturday, Nov. 2. The vehicle tour was meant to highlight LINE-X’s aftermarket accessory brand, Truck Gear by LINE-X, in addition to showcasing some of the top aftermarket LINE-X locations in the country. The LINE-X franchise model has shifted from focusing on spray-on bedliners to becoming multifaceted aftermarket upgrade locations capable of several different vehicle upgrades.

Franchise Locations and Upgrades:

  • LINE-X of Lexington
    • Ceramic Window Tint by LINE-X Tint Solutions
    • LINE-X PREMIUM bedliner
  • LINE-X of Angola (Tri-State)
    • Trail F/X 3.5-inch lift kit
  • LINE-X of the Great Lakes
    • All-New Truck Gear by LINE-X Topper
  • LINE-X of Quincy
    • ValuGard Undercoating and Rust Proofing
    • K&N Performance Air Intake
    • MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • LINE-X of Cheyenne
    • Trail F/X front- and rear-bumpers coated in LINE-X ULTRA
    • Trail F/X LED lighting
    • LINE-X rocker panel exterior spray
    • Truck Gear by LINE-X Drop Steps coated in LINE-X
  • LINE-X of Albuquerque
    • Truck Gear by LINE-X Drop Step installation
    • Rooftop tent
    • High lift jack
    • 20×9-inch GRID GD-12 off-road wheels
    • 35-inch Nexen Roadian MTX Xtreme off-road tires
    • Crazy Beaver recovery shovel

Nissan Kicks Up Designs

Nissan is bringing the heat to this year’s SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show with high-powered vehicles designed to blow performance enthusiasts’ minds.

The Nissan hat trick includes a competition-ready Global Time Attack TT 370Z racer, a beefed-up Frontier Desert Runner sporting an extra pair of cylinders, and a kicked-up-many-notches Kicks Street Sport1.

Taking center stage among these vehicles is a new 2020 Nissan TITAN pickup fully decked out with an array of Genuine Nissan Accessories.

SEMA Show exhibitors voted on the vehicles that represent the best business opportunities for the aftermarket in five categories.

  • SEMA Car of the Year: Ford Mustang
  • SEMA Truck of the Year: Chevrolet Silverado
  • SEMA 4×4/SUV of the Year: Jeep Wrangler
  • SEMA Sport Compact of the Year: Audi RS 3
  • SEMA Powersports Vehicle of the Year: Polaris RZR

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