T-Mobile Upgrades SyncUP: Tracking Roadside Assistance

T-Mobile launched major upgrades to its all-in-one connected car solution, SyncUP DRIVE, with more features and a refreshed app. Now, SyncUP DRIVE customers can request and track their included Allstate Roadside Assistance in real-time through the app just like you would a rideshare, easily see gas prices and nearby stations, and get an improved overview of vehicle diagnostics – all without any extra cost.

This is just what the Un-carrier does. We listen to customers and find ways to upgrade your experience without upgrading the cost!” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “This free upgrade is yours, whether you’ve been with us for a while, or are just joining the SyncUP DRIVE family. We’ve got you – and your car – covered and connected.”

What is SyncUP DRIVE? It’s a connected car solution compatible with most vehicles on the road today, and it helps you understand your car better and keep you and your family safer on the road. With today’s updates, your SyncUP DRIVE app gets a whole new look, making it easier than ever to navigate… and it gets a whole new set of features that help you:

  • Track your roadside assistance in real-time: Request roadside assistance from the new app and track your tow truck in real-time – just like your favorite ride-sharing app but for 24/7 assistance for lockouts, jumps, tire changes and more.
  • Be gas-savvy: Save time and money at the pump – the new app displays gas prices and nearby locations.
  • Monitor your car’s needs at a glance: New dashboard gives you an overview of your car’s health with color-coded icons to help you prioritize what needs your attention first, whether it’s your gas tank, engine or battery – and gives you other helpful insights.
  • Go paperless: Your new virtual glovebox can store a digital copy of your insurance, registration and maintenance records so you’ll have it all at the ready, when you need them.
  • Stay better connected: With the recent hardware update, SyncUP DRIVE is 600 MHz capable, giving you better coverage than before in rural areas and structures like parking garages.

SyncUP DRIVE also turns your car into a mobile hotspot with in-vehicle Wi-Fi, helps you to pinpoint the location of your vehicles – super helpful for parents of teen drivers or if you forgot where you parked – and analyzes driving behavior, offering tips to save on wear and tear. And, because SyncUP DRIVE plugs into your car’s OBD-II on-board diagnostics port (standard on most cars built after 1996), you’ll finally have some insight on what’s happening when that dreaded, vague ‘check engine’ light pops on – it’s like having a digital mechanic along for the ride. And you can manage it all through the new and improved app, which will be rolling out starting today on iOS and Android – available for all new and existing SyncUP DRIVE customers.

T-Mobile’s SyncUP DRIVE is available in select T-Mobile stores across the nation. Well-qualified customers can get one today for just $4/month ($0 down, FRP: $96) – all on T-Mobile’s no-interest 24-month Equipment Installment Plan. Connect your SyncUP DRIVE with plans starting at $10/month with Autopay. For mo