Xevo’s SmartDeviceLink (SDL) in Toyotas

Xevo Inc., the global leader in connected car software and smart automotive user experiences, today announced that its SmartDeviceLink (SDL) smartphone-and-vehicle-linking technology became available in entry head unit models as an embedded solution in Toyota vehicles in Japan in early December. The technology will also become available in Toyota vehicles around the world over the next two years. SDL technology connects a driver’s smartphone with their vehicle, allowing drivers and passengers to access smartphone apps and functions via an easy-to-use interface on the in-vehicle touchscreen. Incorporating Xevo’s SDL technology into vehicles allows Toyota to deliver a robust connected car experience that allows consumers to interact with their favorite apps safely, effectively, and securely while they are on the go.

The Xevo SDL technology is powered by the company’s Journeyware suite, which delivers the customization consumers expect from connected cars by seamlessly integrating their digital lives into their vehicles. The Journeyware™ suite of automotive products is the only data-management software solution to offer a truly personalized consumer driving experience and uncover new business opportunities for automobile manufacturers. Journeyware uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and powerful data analysis tools to help automakers better understand their customers, making it possible for them to deliver truly personalized driving expeiences.

“We enjoy working with Toyota as a partner and are excited to incorporate our SDL technology into Toyota’s vehicles in Japan,” said Dan Gittleman, CEO of Xevo. “SDL and Journeyware give automakers a competitive edge by providing consumers with a truly robust and intuitive connected car experience that exceeds consumers’ expectations. We look forward to more consumers being able to enjoy the personalized Xevo in-vehicle experience.”

“Xevo’s experience, forward-thinking approach, and cross-platform development strategy meshes well with Toyota’s overarching goal of enhancing the driving experience and safety of all Toyota customers,” said Akio Yamamoto, General Manager of ITS & Connected Management Division, Toyota Motor Corporation. “Collaborating with Xevo to incorporate SDL technology into our vehicles allows us to offer our customers an enhanced in-vehicle experience, safely connecting drivers and their cars to mobile applications and services.”

 About Xevo

Xevo Inc. is the global leader in connected car software and a Tier 1 partner to some of the world’s largest automakers. The company has one of the largest automotive IoT deployments in the world, with its technology on the road in millions of vehicles. Xevo’s Journeyware thin-client platform for cloud, car, and mobile devices enables consumer commerce, multi-media applications, and enterprise services to improve performance and safety, deliver an AI-enhanced driving experience, and provide new monetization opportunities for automotive OEMs. Xevo Market, the company’s in-vehicle commerce and services platform, connects customers with their favorite brands and services by delivering highly-contextual offers through the touchscreens of their vehicles and their vehicle-branded mobile apps. For more information, visit www.xevo.com.



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