California is the Greenest State in US—More PEVs!

The Department of Efficiency and Renewable Energy released the data for plug-in electric vehicles.  It’s no surprise that California had the most registrations per thousand vehicles in the nation. California offers many incentives and rebates.

California had 8.64 plug-in vehicle (PEV) registrations per 1,000 people in 2017, followed by Hawaii with 5.12, and Washington state with 4.06. Other states with PEV registrations per 1,000 people greater than two were Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, Arizona, and Maryland. Seventeen states plus the District of Columbia were between one and two PEV registrations per 1,000 people, while 25 states were below one. The average for the United States is 2.21 PEV registrations per 1,000 people.

Note: PEV include both all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Sources: PEV registrations – U.S. Department of Energy analysis of IHS Automotive data. Population – U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates, Annual Estimates of the Resident Population.